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How to use organic fertilizer

This article will explain how to use organic fertilizer and will state:

  • the best way to use organic fertilizer
  • when to use organic fertilizer
  • how to apply it

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The use of organic fertilizer is an easy and rewarding step in the right direction for those interested in growing in a more sustainable way. Organic fertilizer is made up out of only organic matter and the use of it can greatly improve the soil’s quality and fertility. Most organic fertilizers are made up out of livestock manure, sludge/ biosolids, compost or fresh or dried plant materials. The use can greatly improve the health of your soil and has many benefits

How to use organic fertilizer: the best way

How to use organic fertilizer in the best way might seem a little daunting at first, with so much information out there. As with any other fertilizer when considering using an organic fertilizer a good first step would be to make a nutrient management plan, this will help you determine how much fertilizer you will need to use and will help you make sure you do not over-or underfeed your crops. Taking a soil sample will help you determine the PH level and the nutrients already present in the soil. Although the risk of burning crops when overfeeding is smaller when using natural fertilizer, it is still a waste of fertilizer and soil balance can still be upset when fertilizer is applied too generously. Moreover, knowing what your soil needs will help you add those nutrients that are missing, making sure the nutrient needs of your plants are fully met. You can read more about the ins and outs of creating a nutrient management plan here.

How to use organic fertilizer: when

An essential part of knowing how to use organic fertilizer is knowing when to use it. Crops have different nutritional needs depending on which stage of growth or blooming they are in. Bac has a variety of different biological fertilizers that take into account the particular nutritional needs of plants during the different stages. Making it easier for growers to plan their feeding schedules and make sure that all nutritional needs are met. If you are looking for a quality organic fertilizer to use during the blooming stage we highly recommend Bac’s Organic Bloom Nutrients. If you are looking for a great organic fertilizer to use during the growing stage we advise you to try Bac’s Organic Grow Nutrients.

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How to use organic fertilizer: how to apply it

Knowing when to use an organic fertilizer is a little bit trickier than when you are using synthetic fertilizer. The main reason for this is that organic fertilizers are slow-release, it takes more time for the nutrients to be taken in by the crops, this is great because it will improve soil quality, is more efficient and will help make crops stay healthy and strong. However, this does mean dosing can be a little bit more complicated. If you opt for an organic fertilizer from Bac it will be much easier to know how to use organic fertilizer as all you have to do is take a look at our organic feeding schedules and use  them as a guideline. If you have any questions or doubts about How to use organic fertilizer feel free to get in touch with our knowledge centre and we would love to help you further.

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