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Bio Clone

Bio Clone gel is a 100% natural way to get your clones off to an optimal start. Bio Clone optimises the environment for the root system.

It creates a healthy microdiversity around the roots to guarantee that nothing will stop them from catching on and growing into a healthy specimen.

Key benefits:

  • 100% organic
  • Non-hazardous
  • Activates soil life at micro level. Where it's needed.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • NO hormones

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Bioclone gel

Bio Clone: root booster for plants

BAC’s root booster for plants is a natural cutting gel for an optimal start when it comes to starting cuttings. The result of applying this organic plant root stimulator: 

  • Quick rooting
  • Healthy clones 
  • Excellent  growth

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Why use a root booster for plants?

Propagating plants is straightforward and highly inexpensive. You simply need a healthy ‘mother plant’ with multiple stems, so that you won’t harm the plant when you take away one of its cuttings. 

Although you could opt to simply place a cutting in a pot, using Bio Clone will lead to a much higher survival rate of your cuttings. It is very simple to apply: all you need to do is dip the end of the cutting in the gel. This will help to seal the plant tissue and promote the development of a strong root system. 

BAC organic plant root stimulator

There are various plant propagation boosters on the market. However, we are strongly in favour of gels. Due to their thicker consistency, gels are less likely to be washed or rubbed off than liquids or powders, resulting in higher efficiency. 

BAC Bio Clone is an organic root booster for plants. As such, it is entirely biodegradable and can be used both for organic and traditional growing. Furthermore, it does not contain hormones and can be used with any possible growing medium, from soil to Rockwool. 

BAC Bio Clone is available in 100 ml and 1 litre bottles.

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We advise you to use clean tools when removing cuttings. Also, to avoid contaminating the rooting gel, pour some gel into a separate clean container instead of dipping the cuttings directly into the bottle. 

Beyond the root booster for plants

Once the first roots become visible, you can transplant the cuttings to a bigger pot, or place them in full soil. During this stage, we recommend the use of a root stimulator and growth nutrients. Check out our plant feeding schedules for organic growth, 1 component soil and coco / hydro growth.

“I only got positive results with the products of BAC very reliable nutrition for powerful plants and harvest.” – J.B.



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