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Liquid or solid plant food?

vaste-of-vloeibare-plantvoeding.jpg16 Mar You want to care for your plants as well as possible. But what form of plant food is best: pellets, powder, or liquid food? In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of liquid and solid food. ... read more

Proud of our certifications!

Trots op onze certificeringen - Blog28 Jan BAC has worked hard to obtain various important certifications. A large proportion of our plant foods now carry the Vegan Trademark, the Ecocert label, or Envirocann and EnvirOganic ... read more

Can plants experience stress?

Kunnen planten stress.. - Blog11 Dec A plant can experience stress in difficult conditions. Stress in plants is a biological response to combatting situations that affect their health negatively. They are very good at this. They have... read more

What are the effects of organic or chemical fertilisers on plants?

Wat zijn de effecten van organische - Blog27 Nov All plants need fertiliser to grow. Fertiliser provides plants with nutrients (NPK). What fertiliser is suitable for your plants? Organic or chemical fertiliser? In this article, we discuss the ... read more

What is the effect of HCO3?

Effect van HCO3 - Blog13 Nov HCO3 is bicarbonate. This substance increases the pH value of the substrate. In this article, we discuss the effect of bicarbonate, when it is desirable, when it is not and where the substance ... read more

What are the benefits of plant stimulators?

Wat is het nut van stimulatoren... - Blog30 Oct Stimulators support your crop during the different growth phases. You can use them in addition to the plant feed you already use. Stimulators consist of important nutrients and elements that give ... read more

What is the difference between iron deficiency and manganese deficiency?

Wat is het verschil - Blog20 Oct Iron deficiency and manganese deficiency can be hard to distinguish from each other. Both are trace elements and facilitate important processes in your crop. In this article, we explain the ... read more

What are trace elements?

Sporenelementen - Blog02 Oct Trace elements are elements in plant nutrients that ensure growth and enable certain functions. They form the building blocks of enzymes that facilitate essential processes in your plants. ... read more

What is the NPK value?

NPK Waarde - Blog18 Sep As a grower, you want to give your plants the right amount of nutrients. The NPK value can help you in this. You can usually find this on the substrate packaging; it indicates how much nitrogen, ... read more

What you need to know about the brix value

Brix Waarde - Blog02 Sep The brix value is of great importance in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables. It is an indicator of the taste and quality of the end products and the health of your crop. In this article, we ... read more

What is a mother plant?

BAC-Online-moederplant.jpg03 Aug The mother plant is the most important plant in your nursery. This plant provides the cuttings that produce the next generation of plants. The mother plant therefore needs to be looked after ... read more

How can I tell whether my plant is healthy? 3 factors

BAC-Online-gezonde-plant.jpg03 Aug As a grower, you naturally want healthy plants. In this article, we tell you which three factors provide an indication of whether your plant is healthy. We also tell you what to do if this is not ... read more

How much water do my plants need? 5 tips

BAC-Online-planten-water-geven.jpg24 Jul The amount of water plants need varies depending on the species. There is no standard amount. We give you a number of tips to help you ascertain how much water your plants need. We first discuss ... read more

How can I make my crops more resilient?

BAC-Online-Hoe-zorg-ik-voor-een-weerbaar-gewas.jpg30 Dec As a grower, you want your crops to be resilient against diseases and pests. One way to do this is by keeping the soil healthy. But how does that work? After all, soil is a world in and of itself.... read more

New Organic plant feeds: Yucca and CalMag 2.0

blog-8-bac-online.jpg16 Jan Expanding our organic plant feed line is important to us. We are always looking for products that optimise plant growth organically. Therefore, we recently welcomed two new products in our product... read more

Great news! Many BAC products now carry the Vegan Trademark

vegan-keurmerk-blog-bac.jpg12 Jan We are very proud! In early January 2019, many BAC products have been rewarded with the Vegan Trademark. BAC is the first Dutch plant nutrition company to achieve this certification. We can now ... read more

How to prevent and solve nitrogen deficiencies?

stikstof-bij-gewassen-blog-bac.jpg14 Dec Nitrogen deficiencies in your crop can be identified by a change in leaf colour. Your leaves become pale green, then yellowish green and ultimately, yellow, at which point they will die. Nitrogen ... read more

All you need to know about the soil and fertilisation of your vegetable garden

alles-over-aarde-1-bac-online.jpg12 Nov f you wish to have a vegetable garden, start by looking into your soil’s properties and the best fertilisation methods. The type of fertiliser you need depends, amongst other things, on the ... read more

Which factors affect plant growth and bloom?

groei-en-bloeifactoren-blog-bac.jpg05 Nov Growing crops that thrive can be quite challenging, as there are 6 factors that affect the growth and bloom of your produce: nutrition, water supply, light intensity, oxygen and CO2. Continue ... read more

How to prevent and control blossom-end rot

blog-10-bac-online.jpg09 Oct Brown spots on the leaves are tell-tale signs of blossom-end rot, a tedious problem for many tomato growers. As the condition quickly spreads to the stem of the plant and the fruit itself, it is ... read more

How to grow cuttings?

hoe-maak-je-stekken-1-bac-online.jpg11 Sep Any plant grown in a garden, greenhouse or in-house can be propagated. The advantage of growing cuttings is that the new plants are genetically identical to the mother plant and each other. The ... read more

Seed germination

blog-9-bac-online.jpg14 Aug Well begun is half done. Before planting your seeds, take time to optimise the conditions for germination.  Seeds need to be encouraged to germinate. Some even require pre-treatment with heat, ... read more

Which fungi are good and which are bad?

schimmels-1-bac-online.jpg12 Jun You will have noticed there are many types of fungi. Some are beneficial to your crop, others are harmful. Which type should be encouraged to grow and which should be repelled from your garden or ... read more

BAC product line fit for the growing of Ecocert-products

bac-ecocert.jpg17 May Are you growing products with an Ecocert certificate and are you looking for plant nutrients that are permitted? BAC, an organic plant nutrients specialist, has registered a number of products ... read more

What are F1 hybrid seeds?

f1-hybride-zaden-bac-news.jpg08 May Would you like to grow big plants with high yields? And have you got no intention of harvesting seeds from these plants? Then F1 hybrid seeds may be just right for you. In this blog, we will ... read more

The importance of optimal soil acidity

zuurtgegraad-ph-plantenvoeding.jpg18 Apr Acidity, or pH, plays an important role in a plant’s development process. The pH affects the form in which nutrients are present in the soil, and subsequently, the availability of these ... read more

What to do about root rot?

wortelrot-1-bac-online.jpg10 Apr Brown lesions, brown stems, dying branches, stunted growth and bad smell: if your crop displays any of these symptoms, it may well suffer from root rot.  Root rot is caused by fungus. However, ... read more

What is the difference between organic and ecological farming?

verschil-tussen-ecologisch-en-biologisch-teelt-blog-bac.jpg03 Apr ‘Organic farming’ and ‘ecological cultivation’ seemingly mean the same. However, there are essential differences between the two. Read this blog to increase your understanding of organic and ... read more

What to do about foliar problems?

bladproblemen-1-bac-online.jpg13 Mar When plants suffer from foliar problems, their leaves might start to droop, they might become speckled or dry up. How can you prevent this and what can you do when it happens? In this blog, will ... read more

What is vegan farming?

blog-3-bac-online.jpg10 Jan Would you like to garden or grow produce without using animal products? Then vegan farming may be just right for you.  Vegan growers need to bear in mind that the soil itself should be fertile ... read more

Photosynthesis (carbon assimilation) explained

Blog-Wat-is-fotosynthese.jpg04 Jul A plant carries out photosynthesis in its green parts using chloroplasts. The purpose of photosynthesis is the production of sugar (glucose) and oxygen (O2). For the process of photosynthesis a ... read more


mycorrhiza03 Feb A fungus or mould will probably make you think about a green-specked rotten apple or spoilt slice of bread. However, there are many more kinds. Take for example all the kinds existing in the soil.... read more
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