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Advantages of organic fertilizer

Over the recent years, we have seen a renewed interest in the use of organic fertilizer. Whether our interest is grounded in personal principles, fear about environmental pollution and climate change, a want to increase soil health or just because we see it as a more effective and efficient way to get nutrients to crops- we cannot deny the many advantages of organic fertilizer. In this article, we will discuss some of the many ways in which using organic fertilizer can benefit you. Such as:

  • improved soil quality
  • efficiency
  • it is better for the environment
  • great results when using an organic fertilizer from Bac

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Advantages of organic fertilizer: improved soil quality

The use of organic fertilizer can greatly improve the quality of your soil. Protecting your crops from many soil-borne diseases, and making it easier for crops to take up nutrients and water. Where the use of chemical fertilizers can have a negative impact on soil health as they can make beneficial microorganisms dormant or kill them, natural fertilizer works together with the microorganisms in the soil. Over time you will see the quality of your soil improve and with it the yields of your crops. Read more about soil quality here.

Natural fertilizer advantages: efficiency

Another one of the many advantages of natural fertilizer is that it is actually more efficient than the use of synthetic fertilizer. You will need to apply less product and will have to apply this less frequently than when using non-organic fertilizers. The main reason for this is that organic fertilizer is slow release. It will take more time for crops to absorb organic fertilizer, but as a result, there is a lesser chance of leaching. So it is less likely that fertilizer will end up in waterways, causing environmental pollution and wasting product.

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Advantages of organic fertilizer: better for the environment

The use of synthetic fertilizer, especially when overused or used incorrectly can have devastating effects on the environment. When Nitrogen heavy synthetic fertilizer ends up in groundwater, lakes and nearby rivers it can cause pollution. One of the most extreme examples of this would be that of toxic algae blooms, where the rapid growth of algae takes over most of a lake's surface, using up most of the oxygen. These algae blooms can kill fish and destabilise ecosystems. This problem is easily avoided by using natural fertilizer is used. Moreover, the over-or misuse of chemical fertilizer does not only have a negative impact on the waterways, but it can also deplete the soil, leaving your plants more vulnerable to soil-borne diseases and make it harder to have great results in the long term. 

Advantages of organic fertilizer: Bac’s organic fertilizers

To truly utilise these advantages of organic fertilizer, you want to make sure you use a quality fertilizer. We highly recommend you use the fertilizers from Bac online. All our products are designed to make sure you get the best yields and your crops will truly flourish. You can find our organic fertilizer here. If you have any questions about specific products, the advantages of organic fertilizer or if you are looking for some personalised advice from our experts, then please do not hesitate to contact our knowledge centre - we would be happy to assist you on your organic growing journey.

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