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Organic Fertilizer by BAC

Organic fertilizer is a source of concentrated nutrients specifically selected to improve plant growth and yield. fertilizer organic typically consists of plant or animal derived materials that are usually the byproduct of other processes. Common materials used to make organic fertilizer are animal manure and composted organic matter. The key nutrients included in all fertilizers are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, though trace elements of other nutrients required for healthy plant growth are also often included. These nutrients are released into the soil over time, as the fertilizer is broken down by micro-organisms. The nutritional value of fertilizer, organic or otherwise, depends on the type and quality of the material used to make it. Organic fertilizer can be applied at numerous and varying times during the normal life cycle of a plant depending on the desired outcome, and they can also be used in response to nutrient deficiencies, often visible in plants from the patterns of discolouration in the leaves. Plant fertilizer normally comes in granule, powder, pellet or liquid form. Find out more about organic fertilizer here.

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Organic fertilizer, N:P:K Ratio

Organic fertilizer can dramatically increase plant growth and crop yield by providing the plant with the nutrients it needs. Depending on the plant, different nutrients, and ratios of nutrients, are required. Typically, fertilizers will display the ratio of the three major nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium - on the packaging; this ratio is referred to as the N:P:K ratio. The ratio refers to the percentage of each nutrient the fertilizer contains. Therefore, an N:P:K ratio of 10-5-5, would mean the fertilizer contains 10% nitrogen, 5% phosphorus and 5% potassium. While plants need some combination of all three of these major nutrients, they each stimulate a specific type of growth within plants. Nitrogen is associated with leaf growth, phosphorus with the growth of healthy roots and shoots, and potassium with the development of flowers and fruits. If you are unsure which fertilizer organic is best suited for your needs, contact BAC’s knowledge centre for advice.

Organic fertilizer, Advantages Compared to Non-Organic

Organic fertilizer offers several key advantages over non-organic varieties. In particular, organic fertilizer adds organic matter to the top soil, improving its overall health and fertility in the long term. fertilizer organic also improves the soil in other ways; specifically, by increasing water and nutrient retention, and by increasing the amount of air in the soil.

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Organic fertilizer by BAC

Organic fertilizers from BAC have been thoroughly researched to ensure the ideal balance of nutrients for your plants. Our fertilizer organic are made with 100% plant-based materials, which means each one of our fertilizers is certified “Vegan”.

  • Add organic fertilizer to used soil or cocos
  • Use lime to provide a stable pH value and add calcium
  • Use BAC Biotablets for slow-acting fertilisation
  • Try Yuccah from BAC for growing plants in dry areas
  • Give your plants an extra boost with BAC’s amino complex fertilizer

Follow our plant feeding schedule to get the best results from our organic fertilizers. 

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