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Nutrients for hydroponics

We have two highly concentrated nutrients for hydroponics: BAC Hydro Grow Nutrients and BAC Hydro Bloom nutrients. Both fertilisers are especially developed for hydroponic plants and will help to:

  • Improve growth rates 
  • Grow healthy and strong plants
  • Produce large dense buds
  • Achieve a good quality crop

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“I only got positive results with the products of BAC very reliable nutrition for powerful plants and harvest.” – J.B.

Growing plants hydroponically

Nutrients for hydroponics are necessary because the plants are grown without soil. Ordinarily, plants derive the nutrients they need from the soil they are grown in. Instead of soil, hydroponics uses other growing mediums, such as rock wool, perlite, coco coir, or clay pellets. Hydroponics also offers the option to grow plants without a growing medium, by placing the plant’s roots directly into water. In each case, nutrients must be added to the hydroponics growing medium. This is done using a nutrient rich watering solution.

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Nutrients for Hydroponics, Application and Challenges

Nutrients for hydroponics are easily applied to the plants through liquid based nutrient solutions mixed with water. Since the plant has no other source of nutrition, hydroponics puts the grower in complete control over the nutrients a plant receives. This is one of several reasons why hydroponics has become so popular. However, hydroponics systems are more delicate than soil systems. As a result, hydroponically grown plants can develop nutrient problems more rapidly than their soil grown counterparts. Common problems to arise in a hydroponics system are soluble salt damage, nitrogen deficiency, magnesium deficiency and calcium deficiency. Therefore, it is important to use a well-balanced, high quality nutrient solution for hydroponics, such as those offered by BAC.

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Nutrients for Hydroponics, Macro and Micro

The nutrients for hydroponics are divided into two categories: macronutrients and micronutrients. Plants need macronutrients, such as carbon, oxygen, magnesium, and calcium, in large amounts. Meanwhile, micronutrients are needed in very small, trace amounts, but their presence is nevertheless essential to a plants growth and development. Micronutrients for hydroponics include zinc, copper, iron, manganese, and boron. If plants are lacking in any of these essential nutrients growth and yield will suffer, and plants may develop more serious health problems.

Nutrients for hydroponics plants bac online

Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions from BAC

Using nutrients for hydroponics is essential, and choosing the right mix for each plant will result in a healthy plant and high yields. BAC has carefully researched the ideal mix of nutrients for hydroponics and selects only the highest quality nutrients. BAC’s hydroponics nutrients come in two products, Hydro Grow and Hydro Bloom. Each product features two distinct formulas. When combined, the two formulas provide all the nutrients required to grow healthy plants in a hydroponics system.

The benefits of using BAC nutrients for hydroponics include:

  • Improved plant growth
  • Ensures a high quality, abundant crop
  • Contains both macronutrients and micronutrients
  • Can be applied to any hydroponics growing medium
  • Both products contain red chelate iron

Follow the BAC hydroponics feeding schedule to ensure nutrients for hydroponics are applied at the right time and in the correct amounts. You can find it here

Soil nutrients

Soil nutrients

Strongly concentrated and very complete one-component Soil Nutrition for the growth or blooming period.

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Cocos nutrients

Cocos nutrients

Strongly concentrated and very complete A&B Cocos Nutrition for the growth or blooming period.

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F1 extreme Booster

F1 extreme Booster

BAC F1 Extreme Booster is a very strongly concentrated booster and is provided with the highest quality trace elements and various sugar molasses.

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