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The benefits of using an organic bloom booster

Using an organic bloom booster can provide your crops with the important nutrients that are much needed during the blooming stage. This article will take a look at the advantages of using an organic bloom booster and will illustrate:

  • how stimulating the growth of beneficial soil-based microorganisms can improve soil health
  • how the organic bloom booster from Bac can benefit your crops and soil
  • that combining an organic bloom booster with particular fungi will improve the ability for crops to take in nutrients and water

Bloom booster hands
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Bloom booster: microorganisms and soil health

All our organic products, including our organic bloom booster, join forces with the micro-organisms in your soil that will help you greatly improve the quality of your soil in a sustainable and responsible manner. It feeds the beneficial micro-organism populations in your soil, coco coir or another growing medium. As a result, these will multiply, leading to many remarkable advantages. Here are three of them:

  • Increase in beneficial micro-organisms: Using a bloom booster will actually lead to an increase in the micro-organisms populations that make potassium(K) available for being absorbed and transport by crops. Optimal access to nutrients will lead to faster flower formation.
  • Increase of oxygen in the soil: These soil bacteria ensure the creation of oxygen, which they bind in the capillary. Increasing the quality of the soil, keeping crops strong, healthy and flourishing.
  • Protection against soil-borne diseases: the increase in useful micro-organisms will protect against various soil-borne diseases.

Bloom booster from Bac

The stimulation of the growth of microorganisms is just one among many advantages of using an organic bloom booster. The increase in soil quality is not the only reason why the stimulation of micro-organisms is so rewarding. There is another reason to use Bac’s bloom booster: the nutrients in this organic bloom booster increase the pH value near the root of the crops, which is important during the flowering stage of the plant. To top it all off, Bac’s bloom booster has a cleansing effect on the drippers. 

Bloom booster plants
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Using this product will help you avoid getting hoses and drippers blocked. Bac’s organic bloom booster is available in 60 ml (for 600 litres), 120 ml (for 1,200 litres), 300 ml (for 3,000 litres) and 1 litre (for 10,000 litres). For exact dosages and information about when to administer Bac’s organic bloom booster we refer to our organic plant feeding schedule. Please bear in mind that you need to store this product in a cool place and do not use enzymes for these organic products; these are created by micro-organisms! Read more about organic fertilizers and their use here.

"This is a perfect bloom booster and works perfectly with bio tabs, five stars all the way."

- Mrhotspot

Bloom booster & Fungi

Adding Funky Fungi to the mix is an excellent choice that will help you make the most of the micro-organisms in your soil. Together with our organic bloom booster, the Mycorrhizae in this product will further improve the plant’s ability to take up water and minerals. The amazing fungi inside this product will create a symbiotic relationship with your crops, creating a tight network of threads around the roots of the plants increasing the plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients as the fungi can reach places the plant’s roots cannot. If you have any questions about our products, their use or are looking for personalised advice, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledge centre.

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