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Best bloom boosters

Best bloom boosters are sought for by the majority of responsible growers. We all know that well-fed plants are happier, healthier, more beautiful, and more productive. With growing fertilizers markets it might be challenging to know what bloom boosters to choose and why. In this article we shall help you make your decisions covering the following topics:

  • Bloom boosters – why use them?
  • Best bloom boosters – what to consider when choosing?
  • Best bloom boosters available

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Best bloom boosters: why use them?

Best bloom boosters are every plant`s dream. Even if you are lucky enough to be growing your plants in nutrient-rich, fertile soil, your plants will still need fertilizer to reach their full potential. As the plants grow, they consume the nutrients present, and soon enough, they will need bloom boosters to continue their optimal development. It might be that you would get away with one year of perfect tomatoes or beautiful flowers with no added nutrients whatsoever, but your soil will be left exhausted, and the future generations of your plants will be lacking essential nutrients. By choosing the right organic fertilizer you replenish the lost nutrients and make sure your plants do not lack anything they need to flourish. It is also worth keeping in mind that during the various stages of growth and bloom, a plant’s nutrient requirements will change. After all, young seedlings need different nutrients than budding and blooming plants. See the variety of BAC´s products, developed to meet these different requirements.

Best bloom boosters: what to consider when choosing?

Best bloom boosters will be chosen depending on the type of your crops as well as the composition of nutrients and acidity of your soil. There are 6 major factors that impact the optimal growth of your plants:

  • Oxygen and CO2. Plants need to breathe. Be careful with overwatering as it can cause root rotting.
  • Water supply. Plants absorb nutrients through its root, in the form of moisture.
  • Stable pH levels are vital for healthy root development, and adequate water levels are essential in a plant's life.
  • Temperature. The optimum soil temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius. Too high – photosynthesis slows down, too low – growth, fruit and flower formation will be hindered.
  • Light intensity. Plants grow by burning glucose which they obtain from light energy. Insufficient light will largely influence a plant`s growth, especially root development and nutrient uptake.
  • Air humidity. Too dry – the plant might lack chlorophyll and burn; too high – lowers the ratio of nutrients absorption and increases risks of fungi take over.
  • Nutrition – this is where carefully chosen bloom boosters matter. The best boom boosters will respond to the specific conditions of your soil: they can regulate pH levels, as well as compensate for low levels of certain macro or micro-nutrients.

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Best bloom boosters available

If you are looking for a wide range of highly specialised, organic products, as well as professional advice that facilitates choosing the best bloom booster, BAC might be your answer. Over the years, various independent organisations have recognised BAC for the superior quality of our products. Click here to see a full range of best bloom boosters. If you are unsure which would best suit the particular needs of your crops, have questions about our products or want some personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact BAC’s experts here.

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