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Soil nutrients

BAC’s soil nutrition is highly concentrated and comes in two products: BAC Soil Nutrients for Growth and BAC Soil Nutrients for Bloom, both of which serve to:

  • Provide all essential nutrients during the vegetative and flowering stages
  • Produce healthy plants and a superb crop

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Aarde voeding

"Very effective!" - Björn V. about our soil nutrients for bloom.

Soil Nutrients: what they are and why they are important

Soil Nutrients: why they are important

Soil nutrients are important because they are essential to healthy plant growth, blooming and the overall survival of plants, and their ability to resist diseases and pests. It is through the soil that plants have access to nutrients. Soil often lacks the nutrients that plants need, which is why we must add nutrients to the soil in order to compensate for deficiencies. There are many different types of nutrients that serve different functions, different plants require different nutrients and the composition of the fertilisers added to the soil should be altered according to the growing stage of the plants. BAC’s soil nutrients take all of this into account. If you are looking for soil nutrients for the blooming stage BAC’s soil bloom nutrients are a great option. For the growth stage, we recommend BAC's soil grow nutrients.

Soil nutrients plant

Soil nutrients: an overview 

Soil nutrients can roughly be divided into two categories. Firstly, we have the major elements, these are the most important nutrients. In the second category, we have trace elements, and most plants only need traces of these nutrients to survive. Read more about soil nutrients here.

Major elements:

Trace elements:

Nitrogen (N)Iron (Fe)
Phosphorus (P)Manganese (Mn)
Potassium (K)Copper (Cu)
Calcium (Ca)Zinc (Zn)
Magnesium (MG)Boron (B)
Sulphur (S)Molybdenum (Mo)

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Soil Nutrients: major elements

Soil nutrients that are most common and most important are Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus(P), and Potassium(K), also together referred to as NPK. Nitrogen occurs naturally in the soil and comes from atmospheric nitrogen that gets fixed into the roots of some plants. Nitrogen can also be added to the soil, something that is often necessary. It is better to add Nitrogen to the soil in small amounts at a time or to apply it in an organic form, as overuse can lead to soil acidification. Nitrogen is one of the most important soil nutrients for plants as it provides plants with the energy to grow, is essential to the creation of protoplasm, and for the production of fruits and flowers. Potassium helps plants be more resistant to diseases and phosphorus helps with energy transfer and photosynthesis.

Soil nutrients crops

Soil Nutrients: Trace Elements

Soil nutrients that we often tend to forget about are the trace elements. Even though they are required to be present in lower quantities than the major elements, they are still vital to your plants’ survival and growth. So even though plants do not need a lot of copper, for example, a lack of copper can still be fatal for some plants. In other words, trace elements are just as important as major elements such as NPK. Boron is important for enabling photosynthetic transfer, Cobalt is essential for Nitrogen fixation, and Manganese, Molybdenum, and Copper are needed for enzyme activity. As with other types of fertilisation quantity matters. This is even more true when adding trace nutrients, as only a small amount is necessary and overexposure can be toxic for plants. If you have any questions about how to dose soil nutrients you can get in touch with BAC’s knowledge centre to get personalised advice.



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