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Frequently asked questions

We can help you with all your questions about our organic plant food, organic plant stimulants, organic plant invigorators, organic fertiliser, airsock and cultivation schedules.

You can contact us with any questions you may have, but we also want to help you at times when we are not immediately available by telephone or email. That is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions – and their answers – on this page.

What is the best and easiest cultivation method for beginners?
The easiest cultivation method for inexperienced growers is our Organic product line.

What is a substrate?
A substrate is a medium in which plant roots develop.

Why do I need to use a different nutrient during the growth period than during the blossoming period?
a. During the various stages of development, the plant requires a different nutrient ratio.
b. When plants start to blossom, the root environment becomes more acidic. As a result, other elements in the root environment are more important.

When should I start using nutrients for a blossoming plant?
As soon as you see the first signs of blossoming, you should start using the nutrients.

What is the main difference between mineral nutrients and Biological, Organic nutrients?
The main difference is the difference in origin. Biological (organic) nutrients are released slowly. Mineral fertilisers, on the other hand, are released immediately.

I would like to try the organic nutrient line, could you send me some samples?
It is possible to receive samples. To this end, BAC has introduced a special Starter kit. We suggest you ask for samples from a retailer. You will be able to find our retailers on the following page.

When does the growing stage start if I use seeds?
A seed can grow into a young plant in 5 to 10 days. It is important that the root is formed well and that the leaves are healthy. The plant’s growing stage starts from here on.

What does A & B mean?
A & B combined are all the nutrients that a plant requires. They are divided into A and B in order to ensure the solution is optimally concentrated. You must always add A and B nutrients in equal parts.

Why can’t I buy A & B in one package?
If A & B were in the same package, it would require significantly more volume to dissolve the nutrients. Never mix A & B concentrates together in pure form, because that will lead the to insoluble substances.

How important is the pH-value?
Acidity (pH) influences the availability of the different nutrients for the plants. Therefore, it is important that the pH-level stays within a certain range. For more information on this subject, we kindly refer you to our website.

What is EC?
The EC-value indicates the total number of dissolved salts in the water. These are all the salts deriving from the water plus the salts from the added nutrients.

Why do I need to use lime if I want to re-use my soil?
Soil with a low pH-value can be neutralized with calcium and magnesium. Especially at the end of the cultivation process, low pH values are common. If the soil’s pH is improved, growth will increase and the plants will be able to absorb all elements properly.

I’ve noticed that you have bottles and cans with different coloured tops, what does that mean?
We have developed the best possible fertilizer for different substrates. For hydro (rockwool) substrates the tops are red. For coco substrates the tops are blue and for soil substrates we have a 1-component fertilizer with green tops.

Your stimulators don’t have different coloured tops?
No, that’s right. Our root and blossoming stimulators can be combined with any medium.

I am a retailer interested in selling your products.
Please contact us by phone or send us a message via our website.

Where can I buy BAC products?
You will be able to find our retailers on our website. If your store is not listed here, please send us a message via our website and we will contact your store immediately.

What are BAC’s opening hours?
Please contact us by phone or send us a message via our website.

Does BAC also have a online shop?
Yes, BAC has an online shop. You can visit it through this URL: www.bac-shop.com

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