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Best organic fertilizers

Best organic fertilizers will help you build balanced and healthy soil that will make a perfect long-term home for the strong and beautiful plants you want. In this article we will cover the basics of what is the best organic fertilizer and how to use it:

  • Best organic fertilizers: why use them?
  • Best organic fertilizers: what is the right mix for you?
  • Best organic fertilizers from BAC

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Best organic fertilizers: why use them?

Best organic fertilizerswillhelp your plants even if you are lucky enough to be growing in naturally fertile soil. Like all living beings, plants need food to grow and flourish. Many of the elements they need, including the three most important macronutrients (nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K)) are already present in the soil. However, plants consume the, while growing, and the ratios of nutrients deplete over time. This is where the topic of fertilizers comes in. As International Fertilization Association states, fertilizers play an important role in soil health. They supplement the natural supply of soil nutrients, build up soil fertility and compensate for nutrients taken by harvested crops or lost to other factors which locally-specific nutrient use management can mitigate. Organic fertilizers provide food for soil-living microorganisms, fungi, and bacteria, which slowly digest them and make their nutrients available for the plants. Best organic fertilizers will add organic matter to your soil, making it healthier and more fertile, and its structure - nice and airy. They also do not risk root damage or negative environmental impact. They remain active for a long time and risk no nutrient leaching. This is the way to support the natural biopersity of your soil and build its organic matter and resistance over time. You might now be asking what is the best organic fertilizer available. The answer will depend on the type of your crops as well as the composition of your soil.

Best organic fertilizers: what is the right mix for you?

Best organic fertilizers are made entirely from natural vegetable or animal ingredients. The nutrients in organic fertilisers, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, are released when microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi break down the fertilisers. Now, what is the best organic fertilizer for your needs will depend on the composition of the nutrients in your soil. Many growers and experts recommend running soil tests every couple of years to keep track of the macronutrients composition. Once you have your results, it is worth turning to experts to see your options.

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Best organic fertilizers from BAC

What is the best organic fertilizer on the market? According to many, BAC Online offers the best organic fertilizers today. Our offer includes well-balanced, organic products for all stages of plant development. Clicking here, you can get in touch with our professionals who will help you create a mix that will be an exact match with the needs of your soil. Click here to see BAC products, designed to improve the structure of your soil and increase its microbiological activity, producing fertile, healthy, resistant soil with high biopersity. This is the base full of wáter and nutrients needed for your plants to grow strong, beautiful, and resistant against pests and diseases.

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