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Powder nutrients for hydroponics

Powder nutrients for hydroponics are gaining more and more good press after years of market domination by liquid nutrient solutions. Whereas many recommend liquid nutrients for beginners, powder nutrients for hydroponics seem to be a go for more serious growers. In this article we will cover the following aspects of the topic:

  • Powder nutrients for hydroponics – pros and cons
  • Powder nutrients for hydroponics – how to choose your mix

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Powder nutrients for hydroponics – pros and cons

Powder nutrients for hydroponics have many advantages that might not be that obvious when you first think about it. Firstly, most powder nutrients for hydroponics are much more concentrated than liquid nutrients. While one pound of liquid nutrients might last you one week, the same amount of powder nutrients could take you through a couple of months. This also means that you save up storage space as well as shipping costs. After all, the majority of liquid nutrients is water. Moreover, powder nutrients have a longer shelf life. You can buy in bulk without the worry that it will go bad. Many say that liquid nutrients are easier to use and handle. Although this might be down to personal preferences and familiarisation, we can probably all imagine that cleaning up spills and measuring out exact amounts can be more challenging in the case of liquids.

Powder nutrients for hydroponics – how to choose your mix

Choosing your powder nutrients for hydroponics can seem daunting to start with. There are plenty of products on the market today, and it might be worth thinking about how to see through the marketing strategies and know exactly what are you looking for. One of the things that you need to make sure of in the case of powder nutrients for hydroponics is that they are 100% soluble. Any particle that remains undissolved will not be available for the plants to ingest and it will become a waste product that could put your filtering equipment at risk. You also will want to check if your product is pure. Nutrient solutions that contain heavy metals and pesticides are a no-go. What you must make sure of is that the product that you choose contains all of the macronutrients and micronutrients necessary for successful plant growth. Apart from the three main macronutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, you will also need to make sure that it has got all of the micronutrients in it, too. Learn more about hydroponic nutrient solutions here.

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As the plants grow, their needs change, so it is always useful if your nutrient solution can be mixed to obtain different nutrient ratios. For example, BAC´s two-product solution comprised of two different formulas that you can mix depending on your plant´s needs is a good way to deal with it. Click here to see their offer for hydroponics and to see their feeding schedule that might help you with getting the right times and amounts for feeding. If you have questions about the products or need personal advice, consider contacting BAC professionals here.

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