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Hydroponic nutrient solution

As there is no soil involved in hydroponic gardening, a hydroponic nutrient solution must provide your plants with all the nutrients they need to develop. As hydroponic systems are more delicate to error than traditionally grown plants, you might want to get the right ratio in the first go. In this article we will discuss the following aspects of the topic:

  • Hydroponic nutrient solution – what do your plants need?
  • Hydroponic nutrient solution – challenges and choices
  • Hydroponic nutrient solution – professional products

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Hydroponic nutrient solution – what do your plants need?

A hydroponic nutrient solution needs to contain all of the nutrients the plant needs in all of the stages of its growth. Any deficiency would have a rapid and devastating effect on hydroponically grown plants. Therefore, from the very beginning, you need to understand fully what your plants need. Although the amounts will differ depending on your crop type, all plants need three primary nutrients, also known as macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Nitrogen is essential for plant development and growth as it is responsible for protein synthesis and energy metabolism. It is necessary for photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll formation. If a plant lacks nitrogen, you will note a loss of vigour and colour. Phosphorus is involved in root growth as well as flowering. Insufficient phosphorus will cause late, deficient flowering and browning of the leaves. Potassium is responsible for the transport and regulation of water as well as plant reserve substances. Sufficient potassium will help the plant withstand dry spells, frosts, and fungi attacks. To grow healthily, plants also need trace quantities of the following micronutrients: manganese, calcium, chlorine, sulfur, iron, zinc, copper, boron, nickel, molybdenum. Click here to learn more about plant nutrition. Any hydroponic nutrient solution will need to contain all of the macronutrients and micronutrients.

Hydroponic nutrient solution – challenges and choices

A hydroponic nutrient solution needs to answer all of your plants´ needs. Some of the common problems that arise in a hydroponic system are nitrogen deficiency, magnesium deficiency, calcium deficiency, and soluble salt damage. Mixing your own organic nutrient solution can be even more challenging, due to large pH fluctuations in hydroponic systems, and the absence of beneficial soil microbes that help break down the organic matter in conventional agriculture. Read more about the challenges of organic hydroponics here. Nevertheless, there are great advantages to hydroponic gardening, and you can reach its maximum potential as long as you make sure that you use a well-balanced, high-quality hydroponic nutrient solution.

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Hydroponic nutrient solution – professional products

As your hydroponic nutrient solution is the very base of successful hydroponic growing, you might want to look for well-balanced, high-quality products such as those offered by BAC. Click here to see their offer for hydroponic systems. Following careful research, BAC created an ideal mix made of the highest quality of nutrients. It comes in two products with two distinct formulas: Hydro Glow and Hydro Bloom. Those two combined will deliver all of the nutrients your plants require, ensure high-quality abundant crops, and improved plant growth. In case you need to consult your doubts or could use some personal advice, please do no

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