Hydroponic growing system

Hydroponic growing system allows gardening in the absence of soil. All of the nutrients and hydration needed are delivered in a water solution. Hydroponics opens up new possibilities for urban and environment-friendly growing. This article will cover the following aspects of hydroponic gardening:

  • Hydroponic growing system – how does it work?
  • Hydroponic growing system – the basics of nutrition
  • Hydroponic growing system – BAC professional products

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Hydroponic growing system – how does it work?

The hydroponic growing system provides conditions for growing plants in the absence of soil. Hydroponic vegetables, flowers, and herbs can be planted in inert growing media such as coconut coir, vermiculite, or perlite for it to sustain the plant physically, or they can be directly immersed in a water-based nutrient-rich solution that contains all the nutrients, oxygen, and water they need to develop and grow successfully. In a nutshell, the idea behind all hydroponic systems is to remove as many barriers as possible between the plant´s roots and the nutrient source. In that way, the plants do not need to put as much energy into forming their root system. The energy saved on the root development can be directly invested in the plant´s maturation instead. As a result, the plants flourish and give fruit and flower earlier on. A thing to keep in mind though when it comes to a hydroponic growing system is that if your plant lacks anything, the deficiency will take its toll much more rapidly than in traditional gardening. This is why it is vital you inform yourself well on plant nutrition and only go for well-balanced, high-quality nutrient solutions. Learn more about hydroponic systems here.

Hydroponic growing system – the basics of nutrition

In a hydroponic growing system, all of the nutrients your plants require are delivered in a nutrient-rich water-based solution. This means that your nutrient solution needs to match exactly your plant´s needs, or otherwise, any deficiency will have a rapid and direct effect on your plant´s health. The exact ratio of your nutrient solution will defer depending on the crop type, but all of the plants need three macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), as well as smaller amounts of all of the following micronutrients: calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc. The right nutrient solution will contain all of those in quantities corresponding to the type of your hydroponic growing system as well as the crop type.

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Hydroponic growing system – BAC professional products

The hydroponic growing system is significantly more fragile than your traditionally cultivated garden. To avoid any mistakes that can have a dire effect on your hydroponic plants, you might want to go with high-quality, research-based, well-balanced professional products, such as those offered by BAC. BAC´s hydroponic nutrient solution comes in two products, Hydro Grow and Hydro Bloom. Those products feature two distinct formulas that you can combine to obtain a perfect mix of all the nutrients your plant in a hydroponic growing system might need. If you have any questions or need personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact BAC professionals here.

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