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Feed Stimulants By BAC Help Ensure Healthy, Abundant Plant Growth

BAC’s range of feed stimulants are specially formulated to naturally stimulate plant growth throughout its growth cycle. As such, they help ensure you’ll enjoy an abundant yield of high-quality plants.

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Feed Stimulants Increase Nutrient Absorption

Unlike fertilisers, which work by directly increasing nutrient availability to plants, the main way feed stimulants help plant growth is by facilitating increased nutrient absorption, whether in soils or another growing medium. It does this, primarily, by stimulating micro-organism activity.

Many micro-organisms present in the soil, like mycorrhizal fungi or nitrogen-fixing bacteria, have a symbiotic relationship with plants. This means plants will devote energy to providing food for the micro-organisms and, in return, these microbes make more nutrients available for the plant to absorb and help protect it from environmental stresses.

Feed stimulants work by providing more food to micro-organisms. This encourages more micro-organism growth and, in turn, increases their beneficial effects on plants.

The benefits of feed stimulants aren’t limited to better nutrient absorption though. They also aid in root formation while protecting them from disease, improve the soil’s pH value, and facilitate the breakdown of organic compounds. In short, feed stimulants help establish a healthy growing environment for plants through increased micro-organism activity.

Feed Stimulants Throughout the Plant Growth Cycle

Feed stimulants are beneficial to plant growth throughout its growth cycle – from seed germination to fruit formation.

Timing is crucial though. Trying to spur seed germination before conditions are appropriate can stunt plant growth, while feed stimulants applied late in the growing season may mean the plant doesn't have enough time to strengthen subsequent new growth before winter sets in.

Plants’ needs change over time, and for this reason not all feed stimulants are formulated with the same purpose in mind.

  • BAC’s X-Seed feed stimulants, for instance, improve and accelerate seed germination, helping ensure healthy root formation that can better absorb nutrients and withstand threats. This helps lay the groundwork for robust plant and fruit growth.

  • BAC’s Organic Root Stimulator complements this by encouraging microbial activity that benefits the root system, ensuring your plants gain mass faster to give them a better chance of successful flowering later.

  • Similarly, BAC’s Organic Bloom Stimulator is formulated to encourage faster and more abundant flowering by helping increase the uptake of nutrients essential at this stage of the growth cycle, in particular phosphorus.

  • Feed stimulants also support the growth of plant cuttings, which are especially vulnerable once planted since their roots haven’t had a chance to become established in the soil. For this reason, BAC’s Bio Clone feed stimulant is designed to give cuttings the best possible chance of developing a strong root system.

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Feed Stimulants by BAC

BAC specialises in organic products that support healthy plant growth. Our range of potent feed stimulants are tailored to the different stages of a plant’s growth cycle, ensuring optimal conditions throughout its development from seed to fruit.

Main features of BAC’s feed stimulants:

  • Naturally boosts beneficial micro-organism populations
  • Organic product that builds soil health
  • Facilitates increased nutrient absorption
  • Promotes resilience to diseases and pests
  • Accelerates and improves seed germination
  • Supports healthy root formation
  • Encourages faster and more abundant flowering

If you’d like to find out more about BAC’s feed stimulants, check out our full product range here.

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