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Bloom Nutrients

Bloom nutrients from BAC ensure a strong flowering period for your plants, prompting excellent yields, full flavour, and better aroma. 

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Bloom Nutrients 

Plants require different nutrients at each stage of their growth and development. The nutrient requirements of seedlings differ from those of fully grown plants on the cusp of flowering and so on. This is why, here at BAC, we’ve created a variety of nutrient mixes to provide your plants with precisely what they need at each stage of the growth cycle, including the important blooming phase. 

Nutrient mixes primarily consist of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). These three core elements are combined in different ratios - named the NPK ratio - to meet the needs of the plant during each phase of the life cycle. During the growth phase plants typically require larger amounts of nitrogen, which supports green shoots and leaf developent, while for the blooming period more phosphorus and potassium are needed. 

As soon as you notice fruit and flower formation on your plant you should switch to using bloom nutrients with an appropriate NPK ratio - one that is high is phosphorus and potassium. Find out more about NPK ratios on the BAC blog

Bloom Nutrients and Crop Health

High-quality bloom nutrients contribute to healthy, abundant crops in a number of ways. By supplying the plant with the exact nutrients it requires, at the correct dosages and ratios, a plant has all the fuel it needs to produce a top-quality crop. What’s more, bloom nutrients from BAC will protect your plants from diseases and insect plagues. 

As any grower will know, plant diseases and insects can easily ruin an entire crop if precautions are not taken. Using our bloom nutrients, in combination with our Funky Fungi mix, will help to protect your plants during the crucial blooming phase. By working together with micro-organisms in the soil, BAC bloom nutrients contribute to a perfectly balanced soil life that will deter and prevent the formation of disease. 

To make the process run smoothly, we’ve included yucca in our bloom nutrients mix. Yucca is a natural dissolving agent that makes sure the NPK nutrients in the fertiliser are properly absorbed by the soil and are, therefore, available to your plants. In addition, yucca supports water management and regulation in a variety of growing mediums, including full soil, and adds to the overall flavour and quality of your crop. 

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Bloom Nutrients by BAC

Our specially designed bloom nutrient formula has been developed to ensure your plants have all the nutrients they need during the bloom cycle. By applying bloom nutrients at the right time, you can extend a plant’s flowering period and ensure an explosive flowering. The added nutrients will also contribute to a full flavour, stronger aroma, and better crop quality. 

Key features of BAC’s bloom nutrients: 

  • Produces better yields with full flavour and aroma
  • Well-balanced NPK ratio of 6-5-6
  • High-quality natural ingredients 
  • Protects against disease and insect plagues
  • Works together with soil bacteria 
  • Contains Yucca, ensuring the plants can access the fertiliser 

The BACbloom nutrientsmix is fully organic and certified by the UK’s organic regulatory body, The Soil Association

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