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What Does The Best Root Stimulator For Plants Do?

The best root stimulator for plants supports strong root growth so plants can derive the maximum benefit from their surrounding environment.

Root systems not only hold plants in place, they also take in oxygen, water, and nutrients and transport them to the stems, leaves and flowers where they react with sunlight to produce energy. Additionally, roots encourage microorganism activity in the soil which increases the plant's ability to absorb oxygen, water, and nutrients, as well as helping it to fend off diseases and pests.

The best root stimulator for plants will ensure healthy root development while protecting the plant against stresses.

Most root stimulators do this with the help of a synthetic version of a natural hormone called auxin that's produced by young plants to aid with root development. In particular, auxin encourages lateral root growth of hairs and branches, which is useful for compact soil and to ensure the plant receives enough oxygen.

As well as auxin, the best root stimulator for plants may contain other beneficial active ingredients, such as nutrients, organic compounds, trace elements, and microbes.

Some root stimulators work without the use of hormones though, such as BAC's 100 percent organic Bio Clone Root Booster. Rather, it focuses primarily on optimising the soil for root growth by activating microorganisms.

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Best Root Stimulator For Plants: How To Use

Most root stimulators are designed to be used on existing roots, but they can often be used on cuttings as well. Many softwood plant cuttings may not need the help, but hardwood plants tend to benefit.

For the most effective results with cuttings though, it's recommended to use a rooting hormone.

The best root stimulator for plants are ones that come in liquid or gel form. Powder versions can be messy and imprecise, plus they can easily irritate your eyes and skin.

Apply the root stimulator directly to the roots or dip the cutting into the root stimulator before planting it into the soil. Whether using a powder or liquid/gel root stimulator, make sure you apply it during dry weather so that it isn't washed away by rains.

The amount of root stimulator to apply will depend on the plant you're growing. For annuals and perennials, you only need low concentrations of root stimulator. For woody plants like trees and shrubs, you can use high concentrations of root stimulator. Always read the instructions carefully before use, for the best results and your safety.

Where Can I Find The Best Root Stimulator For Plants?

BAC is a reliable source of the best root stimulator for plants. BAC's Root Stimulator helps establish ideal conditions for root development by encouraging beneficial microorganism activity and lowering the pH value around the root.

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Best Root Stimulator For Plants: Key Takeaways

  • Roots are vital to healthy plant growth but may need help to develop fully.
  • Root stimulators support healthy root growth primarily through the use of a hormone – auxin – found in young plants.
  • The best root stimulator for plants will often contain other beneficial ingredients and can be used with plant cuttings as well. However, rooting hormones are best for plant propagation.
  • Liquid and gel forms of root stimulators tend to be the most effective, safest, and easiest to use.
  • BAC's Root Stimulator is one of the best root stimulator for plants. It is a high concentration solution that can be given at every watering and is available in various size bottles.


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