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Organic Soil Conditioner

Organic soil conditioner is used to overcome the problem of poor soil. Poor soil comes in many forms. Soil can be too sandy, too silty, contain too much clay, have the wrong pH, be full of rocks, contain too much salt, be devoid of nutrients, be full of water, or drain too quickly. Or it can be a combination of several of the above. 

Thankfully, it is possible to resolve all these issues by adding organic soil conditioner. There are many different types of conditioner and each type has its own particular properties that make it better suited to solving some problems better than others. But the goal of every soil conditioner is to make the soil a better environment for plant roots in order to stimulate the growth of healthy plants that produce plenty of beautiful flowers or delicious fruits. 

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Types of Organic Soil Conditioner

The main types of organic soil conditioner are peat, compost, animal manure, wood chips, grass clippings, and rotten leaves. In short, once-living organic matter that can be easily found in nature and in your kitchen is ideal for conditioning soil. 

Every type of soil conditioner has different properties. It is important to know what these are before adding a conditioner to your soil. It won’t do your salty soil much good if you add a conditioner, such as aged manure, that is high in salt. 

To find out what your soil needs you can do tests. The test will tell you if your soil is acid, neutral, or alkaline, and which type of soil it is—sand, clay, or silt. What’s more, a decent soil test will also tell you the nutrient composition of your soil, which will help you decide on what type of fertiliser to use and how often to use it. 

Once you understand your soil you can begin adding conditioner to improve its properties. 

Organic Soil Conditioner for Clay Soil

Clay soil is usually full of nutrients and makes an excellent growing medium once prepared and properly conditioned. 

To improve clay soil use a chunky soil conditioner, such as manure or chips of bark. Dig the conditioner into the soil well and add more each year. This will create more space in the dense, heavy clay, allowing better draining and aeration. 

Organic Soil Conditioner for Silty Soil

Silt soil is extremely nutrient-rich as pure silt is made of mineral particles that have been eroded. To improve silty soil you can add almost any organic matter but make sure it also contains dense varieties. Compost, rotten leaves, and animal manure will all work well. 

One of the main goals when improving silty soil is to improve water retention and prevent erosion. This is why thicker soil conditioners work best as they hold the water (and the silt). 

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Organic Soil Conditioner for Sandy Soil

Unlike silty soil, sandy soil is not nutrient-rich and one of the main goals when improving sandy soil to retain nutrients. Sandy soil is also a rapidly draining soil, which means another goal is often to improve its water retention capacity. 

Frequent use of organic soil conditioner is needed to improve the quality of sandy soil. Many growers also recommend regularly adding mulch as well. 

Improving Your Soil with BAC

Here at BAC, we produce a number of products that can help you to improve your soil. 

Soil Nutrients - Our soil nutrient mixes will add all the essential nutrients your plants need to any type of soil, be it sand, clay, or silt. 

Lime - For soil that lacks lime you can use our lime additive. It will stabilise the pH in your soil making it possible to grow many different plants. 

pH + - For raising the pH level of your soil. 

pH - - For lowering the pH level of your soil.


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