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Why is bloom plant food beneficial?

Bloom plant foods are designed to help plants at the flowering stage of their development.

When budding and blooming, plants have different nutrient requirements than at the early growth stage. Young seedlings need greater quantities of nitrogen to support vegetative growth.

Once this is achieved though, and the plant is ready to bloom, phosphorus becomes more important. This nutrient promotes blooming and fruit formation. Too much nitrogen at this stage can inhibit flowering.

Potassium is also required during flowering, when the plant’s energy requirements are much higher. It helps the plant to transport water and sugar around which also makes the fruit sweeter and juicier, and the flower's colours more vibrant

This is why many bloom plant food products are formulated to help plants absorb greater quantities of phosphorus and potassium.

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Bloom plant food by BAC: Organic Bloom Nutrients

BAC Organic Bloom Nutrients is a highly concentrated bloom plant food fertilizer that contains trace elements and sugar molasses as well as Yucca, a natural dissolving agent that aids with fertilizer soil penetration and stable water management, thus increasing nutrient absorption.

Potassium and phosphorus directly help the plant with flowering while the sugar molasses provide food to beneficial microorganism populations in the soil. This makes them more active and boosts their numbers, which further helps with the plant's flowering development as they are better able to absorb these key flowering nutrients.

Additionally, the soil microorganisms help make the plant more resistant to pathogens. To amplify these beneficial effects, you should consider using BAC's Funky Fungi. It contains several mycorrhizae that help to improve root systems. This, in turn, further helps with mineral and water absorption, while fending off disease.

Organic Bloom Nutrients by BAC helps to ensure better overall quality, flavour and aroma for your plant's flowers and fruits.

Bloom plant food by BAC: Organic Bloom Stimulator

BAC Organic Bloom Stimulator is another highly concentrated bloom plant food but it acts as a stimulant designed to aid with flower and bud formation by increasing nutrient absorption. As such, it is a good idea to use this product alongside BAC's Organic Bloom Nutrients.

Organic Bloom Stimulator primarily stimulates microorganism activity in the soil, which leads to increased absorption and transportation of flowering nutrients around the plant. As a result, your plants will bloom faster.

The microorganisms also release more oxygen and bind it to the plant's capillaries, while also helping it to fight diseases.

Organic Bloom Stimulator also helps to lower the pH value around the plant's roots, which is of further benefit to flower formation. It also has the added benefit of cleaning out drippers and hoses, helping to make sure they don't get blocked.

As with BAC's Organic Bloom Nutrients, Organic Bloom Stimulator can be applied regularly with every watering at varying concentrations depending on the needs of the plant.

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Bloom plant food: Key takeaways

  • The blooming phase of a plant's growth cycle is energy-intensive, and it requires less nitrogen and more potassium and phosphorus.
  • Bloom plant foods from BAC can help you ensure your plants get the nutrients they need when flowering.
  • BAC Organic Bloom Nutrients is a fertilizer that provides potassium and phosphorus while promoting beneficial microorganism activity.
  • BAC Organic Bloom Stimulator is a stimulant that focuses mainly on boosting microorganism activity to aid with nutrient absorption, but it also helps to lower soil pH levels and unblock drippers and hoses.

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