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Faster Seed Germination

Seed germination is the first step in the life cycle of a plant. Germination is the period when the plant seed ceases to be dormant and begins to grow by breaking the seed casing and sending out its first shoot. Finding ways to speed up this process and achieve faster seed germination is a common goal among amateur and professional growers. 

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Seed Germination: How It Works

The germination process is a delicate time and requires specific conditions to occur and succeed. The exact conditions required vary from plant to plant, but normally include finding the right temperature, the availability of water, exposure to light, and adequate oxygen. 

The speed at which a seed germinates is dependent on the variety of the plant and the environmental conditions. The more optimal the conditions the faster the seed will germinate. 

Typically, faster seed germination occurs among small seeds. For example, some varieties of lettuce can germinate in just two days. Meanwhile, oat tree seeds can take up to six weeks to complete the germination process. 

Faster Seed Germination Techniques 

Faster seed germination can be achieved by creating the optimal conditions for your seeds. There are various techniques to create the correct conditions, including stratification and scarification.

Stratification is where you mimic the climate of winter to trick seeds into thinking they are experiencing the same conditions that they would if buried in the soil during wintertime. This is done by briefly soaking the seeds and then placing them into a sandwich bag with soil. Once the seeds are covered in a layer of soil, close the bag and place it in the fridge until the seeds sprout roots.  

Another way to attain faster seed germination is seed scarification. This is where you cut, or scar, the seed’s case making it possible for moisture to reach the inside of the seed. This can be done with a knife or by gently rubbing sandpaper on the seed casing. Smaller seeds can be placed into a jar with sandpaper and shaken to achieve the same effect. 

Other, simpler methods include placing your seeds onto damp tissue paper and soaking seeds in a glass of water. Both methods allow moisture to penetrate the seed casing and reach the embryo within, thus stimulating the beginning of the germination process. 

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Faster Seed Germination Products From BAC 

Here at BAC, we created a revolutionary seed germination enhancer. Carefully crafted by our skilled scientists, X-Seed is a completely natural product that will accelerate the rate of germination and give the newly germinated plant a great start in life. 

Studies have shown that X-Seed improves the seed of plant development in the period immediately prior to germination by 300-400%. That means your plants could enjoy a considerable head start if treated with X-Seed. 

As with other germination methods, using X-Seed requires soaking the seeds in the solution for at least one hour before planting. 

X-Seed is applicable for a variety of vegetables and small flowers. You can read more about X-Seed here. Or, to find out more about seed germination, explore our seed germination guide for more helpful tips and tricks.


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