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Flower Stimulator

As a grower, there are certain steps you can take to achieve a strong and vibrant flowering period. One option is to use a specialised flower stimulator that will provide your plants with the support they need to flourish. Flower stimulator can be used together with certain plant care methods that will result in an abundance of beautiful flowers. 

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How to Increase Flower Production in Plants

Before jumping straight to the flower stimulator, it’s important to take proper care of flowering plants to ensure they will have a productive blooming period. To start with, flowering plants need rich, nutrient-filled soil that will provide them will all the macro and micronutrients they need to grow and bloom. Most flowering plants will also need regular feeding in order to get the best results. How often and how much feeding each plant will need depends on the species and the variety. Check our Knowledge Centre for more information on plant-feeding schedules. 

As well as providing nutrient-rich soil and regular feed, flowering plants will benefit from being deadheaded from time to time. Deadheading is the process of removing old and wilted flowers from the plant. Doing this redirects the plant’s energy away from finished flowers and towards producing new ones. Deadheads also attract pests and insects, making them a health risk if they are not removed. To deadhead your plant you can either pluck the finished flower off with your thumb and forefinger or use a gardening knife or secateurs. 

Flower Stimulator For More and Better Blooms

If nutrient-rich soil, regular feeding, and persistent deadheading are still not giving you the results you want, then it’s time to apply a flower stimulator. Flower stimulators should not be confused with flower feed. The feed provides the nutrients plants needs during the blooming phase, which is typically either a balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium or a mix with an emphasis on potassium. Potassium is the most important macronutrient for plants during the flowering period as it helps flowers and fruits to form by moving sugars around the plant. 

In contrast, a flower stimulator will work on boosting mechanisms within the plant rather than providing it with nutrients directly. A flower stimulator may increase the amount of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, for example. The microorganisms then aid the plant with nutrient absorption, as well as carrying out other beneficial functions in the soil. 

Using a flower stimulator in combination with a bloom feed is recommended as the two work together. The bloom feed provides the nutrients and the flower stimulator ensures the nutrients are absorbed by the plants. Together, these two additives will ensure you have more beautiful flowers for longer. 

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Flower Stimulator by BAC

BAC’s Organic Bloom Stimulator is everything your plants need to produce amazing flowers in one solution. It works by stimulating the beneficial microorganism within the soil. In particular, it targets the organisms that help plants to absorb potassium, the most important nutrient for the flowering period. 

What’s more, our Organic Bloom Stimulator increase the pH values of the soil around the plant’s roots and results in more oxygen being available in the soil. 

We recommend using our Organic Bloom Stimulator together with our Organic Bloom Feed for the best results.


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