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Vegan Fertilizer

To grow a vegan garden there are certain conventional horticulture products that need to be avoided, and that includes many fertilizers. Vegan fertilizer is rare; traditional fertilizers are made from animals or animal waste products. Many gardeners use blood meal, bone meal, and fish meal, none of which is even remotely vegan.  What’s more, many gardens rely heavily on the use of animal manures to fertilize plants, such as those produced by cows, horses, and chickens. Meals and manures are incredibly nutrient-rich, which is why they are used so prolifically. If you want to grow vegan it’s necessary to find an animal-free source of fertilizer that is equally rich in nutrients to ensure your plants do not suffer and your garden is as bountiful as any other.

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Vegan Fertilizer Types  

While vegan growing is certainly not the norm, there are several types of vegan fertilizer that are commonly used by growers around the world. These include alfalfa meal and kelp extract.  Alfalfa is a legume that is packed with nitrogen. In vegan farming, green manure is often used, which is where farmers plant legumes such as alfalfa on fallow land and then turn the plant into the soil the next year. This ensures rich, nitrogen-filled soil for their plants. When growing vegan, you can use ready-to-go alfalfa meal to add vegan fertilizer to your plants without having to wait for the alfalfa to grow first.   Kelp extract is another powerful vegan fertilizer. Made from seaweed but referred to as kelp in the horticultural world, this fertilizer is commonly used to boost plant growth by vegan and non-vegan growers alike. Kelp contains very low levels of the essential plant macronutrients—nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium—but is full of micronutrients and growth hormones. It is commonly applied to plants through a spray.  Another plant used to create nutritious fertilizer for plants is comfrey. Comfrey has a very long root that reaches deep into the soil. This allows comfrey plants to draw from nutrients buried deep down that most plants, with their shallow root systems, cannot reach. Comfrey can be turned into a liquid, vegan fertilizer by decomposing the leaves in a barrel. The process takes around six weeks and results in a thick, foul-smelling liquid that is full of nutrients.  Another option for vegan growers is to use plenty of compost. While compost is not a fertilizer precisely—because it feeds and builds the soil rather than directly feeding plants—it does contain nutrients and will fertilize the plants that grow in it. For this reason, many vegan growers consider compost a fertilizer, in practice. Producing your own compost directly from your kitchen is the safest way to ensure that it is 100% vegan. 

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Vegan Fertilizer from BAC

Unlike most fertilizer producers, here at BAC, we have a wide range of vegan products, including vegan fertilizerOrganic Bloom Feed - This balanced fertilizer has an NPK ratio of 6-5-6 and provides everything your plants need to have an exceptional blooming period. What’s more, on top of being vegan it is also 100% organic.  Organic Grow - With all the macro and micronutrients needed to get your plants off to a great start, our Organic Grow formula is perfect for the vegan grower.  Explore our whole range of vegan certified products here

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