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Best Fertilizer for Flowering Plants

Finding the best fertilizer for flowering plants can be a challenge with so many options to choose from. There are organic fertilizers, synthetic fertilizers, slow-release fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, granule fertilizers, and various combinations of the aforementioned fertilizer types that could all work well for flowering plants.  The two primary factors to take into account when choosing a fertilizer for flowers are the nutrient balance and the fertilizer’s concentration, or strength. Both can be ascertained by the NPK ratio displayed on the fertilizer packaging. 

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Best Fertilizer for Flowering Plants: The Optimum NPK Ratio

The NPK ratio states the amount of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K) present in fertilizer. This ratio is incredibly important to growers because nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are all essential plant macronutrients that every plant needs in high quantities. Each of these nutrients plays a distinct role in the growth of a plant and some plants require different amounts of each depending on the growth stage they are in. For this reason, the ratio of NPK nutrients in fertilizer are always clearly displayed as numbers, such as 5-5-5. The higher the numbers the greater the concentration of each nutrient in the fertilizer, which indicates how strong the fertilizer is. A fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 20-20-20 has a very high concentration of all three macronutrients.  The best fertilizer for flowering plants will have an NPK ratio suited to the needs of the particular species. Most plants require a lot of nitrogen during the early stages of growth, as nitrogen helps with the development of shoots and leaves, and then need more phosphorus and potassium during the blooming period.   Search our Knowledge Centre to find out the exact nutritional needs of the flowers you are growing and get recommendations for the best fertilizer to use.  

Best Fertilizer for Flowering Plants: Slow Release vs Liquid Fertilizers

There are no hard and fast rules about whether slow-release or liquid fertilizers make the best fertilizer for flowering plants. Either can work well.  The advantage of slow-release fertilizer is that it can be added early on and left to do its work. The fertilizer is either sprinkled onto the soil surface or dug in just before planting. As the granules or pellets break down in the soil, they release the nutrients the plant needs. By comparison, liquid fertilizers are extremely fast-acting. By adding a liquid fertilizer during watering, the nutrients become instantly accessible to the plant. This can be great for dealing with nutrient deficiencies and for supplying nutrients at crucial moments such as just before a plant begins to flower.  It is important to understand the precise needs of the plant before deciding on a slow or fast fertilizer. In many cases, the two can work very well together. 

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Best Fertilizer for Flowering Plants from BAC

We believe the best fertilizer for flowering plants should give flowers a boost just before they begin the energy-intensive process of flowering. Here at BAC, we’ve designed several bloom fertilizers, along with slow-release fertilizer pellets, and an innovative biostimulant bloom stimulator. Used together these products will ensure your plants produce an abundance of stunning flowers. Organic Bloom - A well-balanced, certified organic bloom booster that perfects flower positioning and formation.    Soil Bloom Nutrients - Not only does this fertilizer provide the macronutrients a plant needs to produce a vibrant array of flowers, it also supplies high-quality essential trace elements.  Bio Pellets - With a high-nitrogen NPK ratio of 10-4-6, these slow-release pellets are great for adding to flowering plants early on allowing them to release nutrients throughout the growing season.  Bloom Simulator - A biostimulant that multiplies the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil that support flower development by increasing the plant’s ability to absorb potassium from the soil. 

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