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Advanced nutrients coco bundle are hard to find when you want quality

Any farmer that wishes the best for his crop, is looking for the ideal advanced nutrients coco bundle. Unfortunately, the market for these products is filled up to a point that it is very hard to choose one nutrient package over another. Every very single website promises bountiful and beautiful harvests with just a drop of their nutrition!

Advanced nutrients coco bundle vegetable
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Now, at BAC we do not pretend we are not a commercial enterprise. We too want to sell our products. The difference is that we are convinced of our skill and experience that makes our products superior. And our track record shows it: our numerous awards and accolades have rewarded the hard work that we put into developing the best nutrients!

Advanced nutrients coco bundle for a good harvest

But first things first: it is a very good idea to look for additional nutrients. Also, and especially, for the environmentally conscious farmer, who farms using a coco substrate. With this substrate, absorption of nutrients if very easy for the plants, and thus energy effective and environmentally sustainable.

But in order for this to be an advantage, of course, the right nutrients need to be administered in the right doses – he needs to find the right advanced nutrients coco bundle. To deepen your knowledge of all the different nutrients, the University of Michigan offers high-quality information.

BAC is supplier and knowledge center

With all the different components, it is easy to get lost. Our experts from BAC can help you. Not only do we offer a solid advanced nutrients coco bundle that can be relied on, but we also house the knowledge that makes their application a success.

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In what we call our ‘knowledge center’, we offer many different resources that guide the growing process from week to week. You can find growing schedule that detail the entire season, or you can ask our specialists to share their expertise with you.

Advanced nutrients coco bundle of BAC is a certified good choice

What makes us so confident of our quality? The answer is simple: we have the certifications. In merely fifteen years, we rose from being a Dutch producer of roses, to be a leading producer of organic nutrients. The word ‘organic’ is no empty promise: in the EU, this is a protected label that must be earned through hard work. Our organic line consequently ticks all the organic boxes: it is not chemical and uses natural resources responsible. This is proven by our acquisition of the Peterson Control Union certification. Other certifications, such as the Ecocert label, shows our dedication to proper working conditions and environmentally sustainable farming. And we recently acquired the Vegan Trademark for many of our products! And this is just a small choice of all the certifications that we received over the years.

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If you, like all the certifiers, have become convinced of the quality of a BAC advanced nutrients coco bundle, do not hesitate to have a look around on our website. You can consult our knowledge center, or easily contact us for any question you have. Before you know it, your plants will blossom like never before in coco soil!

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