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Coco coir nutrients assist with the growth and development of plants grown in coco coir. Coco coir is a fibrous material derived from the outer husk of coconuts. Once considered a waste product, coco coir is now a popular growing medium. Coco coir is an effective, environmentally friendly alternative to soil that has the ability to produce healthy, high-yielding plants.

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There are several different types of coco coir to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. These are: coco pith, coco fibres, and coco chips. Coco pith is excellent at holding water, while coco fibres provide plenty of oxygen to roots due to the large gaps it contains, and coco chips combine the features of pith and fibres as coco chips are chunks that hold water but have large gaps in-between them that allow oxygen to flow. You can read more about the different kinds of coir, and their various uses, here.

Regardless of the kind of coir you choose, when growing plants in coco coir the application of external coco coir nutrients is essential as unlike soil, coco coir does not contain all the macro and micro nutrients plants need to thrive. While this may initially seem to be a disadvantage, having complete control of the nutrients your plants receive can lead to excellent results if carefully applied.

Coco Coir Nutrients: Types & Application

Coco coir nutrients are comprised of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK), along with a variety of micro nutrients included in trace amounts. Coco coir nutrients are applied during watering by adding the nutrient solution to the water. Applying nutrients to coco coir will ensure your plants have all the nutrition they need at every stage of development. Some plant nutrients are more easily absorbed than others, which is why it’s important to choose a balanced nutrient mix that provides nutrients in the best ratios possible, such as those by BAC.

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Coco Coir Nutrients from BAC

BAC produces two nutrient mixes for coco coir: Coco Grow Nutrients and Coco Bloom Nutrients. Each one has been carefully created to ensure that plants grown in coco coir have the full range of macro and micro nutrients they need to flourish. Through careful research, BAC has created two well-balanced coco coir nutrient blends that will provide your plants with everything they need from germination to the production of an abundant yield.

Key features of BAC’s coco nutrients:

  • They are made from the highest quality ingredients
  • They contain beneficial trace elements, such as red iron chelate
  • BAC’s nutrient mixes are easily absorbed by plants
  • They produces healthy, fast-growing, high-yielding plants
  • Specialised nutrient mixes for use during the growth and flowering period

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If you are curious about Coco coir nutrients or have any other questions, then we are here for you. Our team of highly specialised staff is happy to help. To find out more about BAC’s coco nutrients range, contact BAC’s Knowledge Centre  for friendly, personalised advice by clicking here.

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