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Rose Fertilizer

To grow roses that produce vibrantly coloured petals and have a strong, sturdy stem using a suitable rose fertilizer is a must as roses are nutrient hungry plants. To appear at their best, roses require nutrients throughout the growth cycle. The nutrients they require differ depending on the stage of development the rose has reached. Using multiple fertilizers aimed at supporting the rose through different periods of development will have the best effect. 

As with all fertilizers, the best rose fertilizer will include both macro and micronutrients. The main macronutrients a rose needs are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). The micronutrients needed by roses include magnesium, sulphur, boron, manganese, zinc, calcium, copper, and iron. 

Each of these nutrients provides different growth benefits to roses. The macronutrients, in particular, should be added at varying ratios depending on the stage of development. There is a big difference between the needs of newly planted roses and established rose bushes. 

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Rose Fertilizer for New Roses

Rose fertilizer for new roses should focus on providing nitrogen. Nitrogen plays a vital role in photosynthesis as it is a key component of the chlorophyll molecule, the green pigment that enables the conversion of water and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen using the energy captured from sunlight. What’s more, nitrogen is used to make amino acids, which are fundamental to plant growth due to their role in protein production. 

While young, roses need a lot of energy to grow and produce new shoots and leaves and create strong stems. Therefore, nitrogen, with its role in photosynthesis and amino acid production, is essential in high quantities. For this stage, our Organic Grow fertilizer is ideal for roses, as it has a higher amount of nitrogen than potassium or phosphorus and will support vigorous green growth. 

Many growers also recommend using alfalfa meal to support young rose plants due to its high nitrogen content. The meal can be spread around the base of the plant and will seep into the soil providing an extra growth boost. 

Rose Fertilizer for Established Rose Bushes

Once a rose plant has developed into a rose bush its fertilization needs change. Once established a plant can make use of its extended root system and focus on producing flowers and seeds rather than roots, shoots, and leaves. An established rose bush can benefit from the application of nitrogen-based fertilizer shortly after its new leaves start to form. 

Once the rose starts to bloom, it is common to fertilize the plant between bloom cycles rather than during. Though you may want to provide the plant with bloom nutrients prior to the first bloom cycle as well. A rose fertilizer for the blooming phase should have a nutrient balance that favours potassium and phosphorus over nitrogen. 

Compared to growth mixes, bloom nutrient mixes should have higher levels of phosphorus because it is essential for bud and seed formation. Potassium is also important during the bloom phase, particularly for roses, as it improves the overall quality of the flowers. Fertilizers with a well-balanced mix of the three macronutrients will work well for roses. 

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Rose Fertilizer By BAC

Here at BAC we produce several high-quality fertilizers that can support your roses from seed to bush, providing them will the nutrients they need to create wonderful flowers. 

For the growth phase: 

Organic Grow - High in nitrogen, Organic Grow is perfect for the early development of roses plants and bushes. 

For the bloom phase: 

Organic Bloom - With a well-balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, Organic Bloom will provide all the nutrients your established roses need to produce beautiful flowers.

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