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Citrus Fertilizer

To get the best results from your citrus plants it is necessary to use an appropriate citrus fertilizer. Citrus plants require large amounts of nutrients, therefore, finding the right fertilizer for each of the development periods of your citrus plant will be an important factor in achieving a healthy and vibrant plant that produces an impressive crop. 

Citrus trees and shrubs are part of the rue family. They are native to many parts of Asia and Australasia but have now been spread to regions across the globe. Citrus plants produce fruit, many of which are now commonly known worldwide, including lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and limes. 

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Citrus Fertilizer: Nutrients and Feeding Schedule

Typically, the nutrient requirements of a plant change depending on its stage of development. Seedlings, young plants, and mature plants all require different nutrients provided at specific ratios to meet their needs. Citrus plants are no different. The main nutrients they require are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Citrus plants also need micronutrients, including magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, and boron. 

While citrus trees are young you should fertilise them regularly throughout the year. During the growth period, add citrus fertilizer once every month or every two months. When the tree goes dormant during the autumn and winter, fertilize only once every two, or three months. Judge the frequency of fertilization by the physical appearance of the citrus tree or shrub. If the plant has lush green leaves and is developing and holding onto fruit then you do not need to fertilize it as often. 

Citrus Fertilizer for Young Citrus Shrubs and Trees

The best citrus fertilizer for young citrus trees is one that provides plenty of nitrogen. Nitrogen is essential for plant growth, particularly the development of leaves and shoots. Providing your citrus plants with plenty of nitrogen early on will ensure they develop the foliage they need to become established. Select a fertilizer with a greater proportion of nitrogen compared to potassium and phosphorus, such as BAC’s Grow fertilizer formula

As the tree or shrub gets older, some growers switch to a citrus fertilizer with a higher percentage of nitrogen and potassium, while others continue to use a balanced mix. What works best for your citrus plants will ultimately depend on the quality of the soil you are growing them in. If in doubt, run a test by giving plants in the same patch of soil different fertilizers and see which one performs best.   

Citrus Fertilizer for Blooming

Once the citrus plant is developed you may want to consider using a different fertilizer. During the blooming phase, when the tree or shrub starts to flower, potassium and phosphorus become more important. Using a fertilizer with a balanced ratio of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus should be sufficient for a citrus plant in the blooming phase. 

Citrus plants require the most nutrients during the blooming phase. Therefore, it is important to use a citrus fertilizer when the tree or shrub is in bloom if you want to get the best results and highest yield possible.

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Citrus Fertilizer from BAC

Here at BAC, we make a number of high-quality fertilizers and plant stimulants that can help you get the best from your citrus tree or shrub. 

Along with the aforementioned Grow formula, we also offer an organic bloom formula for the blooming phase, soil nutrient mixes for both growth and bloom, as well as root growth stimulants and bloom stimulants

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