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Banana Fertilizer

In order to produce sweet, fully-developed fruit the banana plant requires plenty of nutrients. This is why, when growing bananas, you should always use a nutrient-rich banana fertilizer to get the best results from your plants. Not only will a high-quality banana fertilizer lead to a delicious crop, but it will also help your banana plant to grow rapidly and develop the large, impressive leaves the banana plant is known for. 

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Banana Fertilizer Types

Banana fertilizer needs a mix of the main plant macronutrients : nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Since banana plants are big feeders, a high concentration of these three nutrients should be used. This means you need to select a fertilizer with high concentrations of nutrients. This can be identified by the size of the numbers in the NPK ratio stated on the fertilizer. The higher the number representing each nutrient the greater the percentage of the fertilizer is comprised by that nutrient. For example, an NPK ratio of 5-5-5 has a low concentration, while a fertilizer with a ratio of 20-20-20 has a high concentration.   As well as choosing a high concentration, make sure your banana fertilizer is reasonably well balanced. Recommended NPK ratios include 8-10-10 and 10-8-10 and 15-15-15. The optimum banana fertilizer NPK ratio for your plant will depend on the plant's environment, particularly the nutrient quality and composition of the growing medium. The exact fertilizer requirement of the banana plant you are growing can also depend on the variety. Try different concentrations to find out which works best, but always stick to a fairly balanced NPK ratio. Alternatively, you can use a high nitrogen fertilizer in spring, when the plant is focused on growth, and then switch to a high phosphorus and high potassium fertilizer just before the plant begins to flower. This way the plant will get nutrients needed for the different types of growth that occur during the seasonal lifecycle: nitrogen for shoots and leaves, phosphorus for roots and flowers and fruits, and potassium for overall vitality. 

Banana Fertilizer Application

The amount of banana fertilizer needed depends on the age and size of the plant. A young dwarf plant will require around 250 grams of fertilizer per month, while a mature plant can need as much as 700 grams. During the spring and summer months, add fertilizer once or twice a month. There is no need to fertilize a banana plant during the autumn and winter.  It is possible to use either liquid or granule fertilizer for bananas. Liquid fertilizers are more easily absorbed giving the plant what it needs fast. Liquid fertilizers are also great for correcting nutrient deficiencies quickly. Granule fertilizer takes time to break down, which means the nutrients it contains are released slowly. Organic fertilizers like compost, bone meal, or fish meal can also be beneficial for banana trees, but make sure you are keeping track of how much you are giving and when to ensure the trees are getting the amount of nutrients they need. 

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Banana Fertilizer from BAC

BAC's range of high-quality fertilizer products includes several that are perfectly suited to the needs of banana trees. Whether you decide to start your trees off on a nitrogen-high feed and then switch to a bloom feed or you would rather continue with a balanced fertilizer throughout the growing season, BAC has got you covered.  Organic Grow - If you prefer to start your banana tree off with a high-nitrogen feed then Organic Grow is ideal with an NPK ratio of 7-2-3.  Organic Bloom - With an NPK ratio of 6-5-6, Organic Bloom will ensure your banana plants has everything it needs throughout the growing season.  Bio Pellets - For slow-release nutrients use our Bio Pellets, which have an NPK ratio of 10-4-6.  Bio Tablets - Alternatively , give your banana trees an extra boost with our high concentration Bio Tablets that have an NPK ratio of 12-8-8.

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