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Apple tree fertilizer: what you need to know

Apple tree fertilizer is important. Growing fruits takes a lot of energy, and even though apple trees are moderate nutrient consumers, feeding is especially important for maintaining the fruit's quality and the amount of fruit the tree will give. Ensuring your trees are getting all the nutrients needed is crucial to growing healthy and juicy fruits. This article will discuss:

  • Apple tree fertilizer: important information
  • Apple tree fertilizer: best fertilizer to use
  • Apple tree fertilizer: BAC online

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Apple tree fertilizer: important information

As is usually the case, when and how much to feed your trees depends on many factors that are dependent on particular circumstances such as the soil quality of where you are growing, the amount of light your tree gets and the temperature outside. If you have any questions about the usage of apple tree fertilizer that require personalised advice we recommend you to get in touch with our knowledge centre. Our experts are happy to advise and assist you. Knowing what nutrients are already present in your soil, as well as the quality and state of the soil you are growing in will help you choose the right fertilizer and avoid overfeeding. We recommend doing a soil- and PH-test. Other things to keep in mind to get the best result and that hold up as a general rule are:

  • The best time to apply apple tree fertilizer is in Spring, you can continue feeding until early summer
  • More is not always better. Do not overfeed, too much nitrogen will cause apple trees to grow new leaves but will negatively affect fruit growth
  • High nitrogen organic fertilizers are a great choice when choosing an apple tree fertilizer.
  • Regular pruning is just as important as fertilizing for making sure your apple tree stays healthy and fruit growth is encouraged

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Apple tree fertilizer: best fertilizer to use

Organic fertilizers that are high in Nitrogen make a great choice for apple- and other fruit trees. Using an organic fertilizer will help avoid overfeeding as nutrient intake is more slow compared to synthetic counterparts. Using an organic fertilizer for your fruit trees will also avoid environmental damage caused by leaching and will help maintain the quality of the soil you grow in. Make sure the fertilizer you use contains all the macro and micronutrients needed to ensure your tree stays healthy and gives great yields. After doing a soil test you will know precisely what nutrients are lacking and you can customise your fertilizer accordingly. Read more about the different components of fertilizers and plant feed here.

Apple tree fertilizer: Bac Online

When choosing an apple tree fertilizer quality is just as important as getting the quantities right. Fertilizers from BAC contain high-quality trace elements and other micro nutrients, as well as the macro nutrients required. BAC Online offers a variety of organic as well as mineral fertilizers of great quality that will surely help you take your growing to the next level and will ensure your crops and soil are healthy and thriving. Click here to learn more about the fully organic and vegan fertilizers offered by BAC online.

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