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Fertilizer for flowers to bloom: BAC’s expertise

BAC is a company that truly brings expertise in cultivation to the table. It says much that one of our founders, Frits Visser, was originally himself a flower cultivator working on fertilizer for flowers to bloom. It cannot be a coincidence that BAC’s story of love for flowers began with the cultivation of roses, the flowers of love. Expanding on their knowledge of flowers, BAC’s founders have cooperated and built up their knowledge of soil life and micro-organisms, as well as growth and bloom stimulants since the beginning of the millennium. Thanks to the development of an extensive range of plant feed, stimulants, invigorators and fertilizers for organic and other forms of crop cultivation, BAC’s products have enabled farmers all over the world, from India to South America, to grow healthy plants and an extensive crop for nearly two decades. 

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Fertilizer for flowers to bloom: why does it matter?

As one of the greatest gifts from the world of flora, flowers present a seemingly endless variety of combinations. However, the right fertilizer for flowers to bloom can make an enormous difference for how the flower will develop. This is because flowering plants do not just need to be watered, they also need to be fed. Fertilizing your plants is important if you want to keep them alive and thriving. Especially when you keep your plants in pots, nutrient deficiency is common as the plants will eventually take out all the nutrients from the soil. This could leave the soil devoid of any magnesium. Without enough magnesium, the leaves will appear discolored, and the plant won't be able to power the process of photosynthesis. That's why your plants need to eat, but over-fertilizing can also be damaging to the ecosystem and can deplete the soil in the long run.

Fertilizer for flowers to bloom: some of our products

Because of the important factors mentioned above, BAC has developed several types of excellent fertilizer for flowers to bloom. Below, we list several of them.

Organic PK Booster

When your plants enter the flowering stage, they require extra phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). This is where PK in this product’s name comes from.  By adding both nutrients during the flowering stage of your crop, your plants will develop close-knit, resin covered buds that will grow into exuberant flowers.

Expect the following benefits:

  • Improved yields
  • Tighter flower development
  • Enhanced scents and flavours
  • Generally stronger crop

Organic Bloom Stimulator

This organic bloom stimulator is specifically designed to support a plant through the energy-intensive blooming period, where the plant buds, produces flowers, and then seeds. Incorporating a bloom stimulant into your plant care regimen can have exceptional results, leading to an abundance of flowers with wonderful aromas. 

Expect the following benefits:

  • Grow flowers faster
  • Improve uptake of flowering nutrients
  • Abundant flower production
  • Avoid blockage in hoses and drippers

Frooting Power

Frooting Power is a unique, high-phosphate bloom enhancer that stimulates cell division and helps flowers to harden and expand. This fertilizer for flowers to bloom is suitable for the last 3 to 4 weeks of the bloom phase of your plants.

Expect the following benefits:

  • Better and faster flowering
  • Bigger fruits
  • Better tasting fruits and vegetables
  • A higher mineral and vitamin content

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Further questions about fertilizer for flowers to bloom

We will gladly further inform you about BAC’s various types of fertilizer for flowers to bloom, so please feel welcome to get in touch with us. In the Netherlands, you can reach us via telephone at +31 (0)182 - 687 530, or you can write an e-mail to: info@baconline.nl. You can also get in touch with Sam in the United Kingdom. You can do so via the telephone by calling +44 7487 713 344, or you can send an e-mail to sam@baconline.co.uk

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