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Pear Tree Fertilizer

Part of the Pyrus genus of the Rosaceae family, pear trees are common in all the temperate areas of the world. To get the best harvest from a pear tree it is sometimes necessary to use a specialised pear tree fertilizer. The fertilizer will ensure the pear tree has all the macro and micronutrients it needs to produce an abundant and delicious crop. 

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Pear Tree Fertilizer: When to Apply Fertilizer

The optimum moment to apply pear tree fertilizer is just before the buds open. This is the point when the tree diverts all its energy toward blooming. Should you miss the moment, it is possible to apply pear tree fertilizer at any time until late summer. Avoid giving a pear tree fertilizer after this point as it will result in new growth that will be vulnerable to frost over the winter.   

Young pear trees can be fertilized once per month from the spring until late summer. Fertilizing newly planted pear trees regularly will give them a good start and encourage them to grow a thick foliage before blooming. Mature pear trees need only be fertilized once per year, a couple of weeks before they bloom. 

Always consider whether or not fertilizer is needed for pear trees. It may not be necessary to fertilize your pear trees at all. Pear trees are not particularly big feeders and, therefore, the soil may well provide enough nutrients by itself. 

Pear Tree Fertilizer: The Right Type of Fertilizer

If the soil is poor and your pear trees require additional nutrients make sure you choose the right type of fertilizer. Pear tree fertilizer should be a balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Look for a fertilizer with an NPK ratio where the three numbers are (almost) all the same, such as 10-10-10. 

A balanced pear tree fertilizer contains all the macronutrients pear trees need to grow foliage, strong roots, and development an abundant fruit crop. The nitrogen will stimulate the growth of shoots and leaves, and phosphorus and potassium are needed for root growth and the forming of buds and fruit.

Fast-acting liquid fertilizer will be most effective when feeding a pear tree regularly. Slow-release fertilizer, such as pellets or granules, can be used once per year to create a nutrient-rich growing environment, but during the key feeding moments prior to blooming a liquid fertilizer works best because the nutrients will be immediately available to the tree. 

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Pear Tree Fertilizer from BAC

Here at BAC, we produce an organic bloom liquid fertilizer that is ideal for pear trees. Our Organic Bloom fertilizer has an NPK ratio of 6-5-6, comprised of high-quality nutrient sources that are easy for any plant or tree to absorb. Organic Bloom can be given to pear trees when watering by mixing a dose of fertilizer into a watering can. 

Organic Bloom Features:

  • High-quality organic fertilizer
  • A balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium
  • Fast-acting liquid solution
  • Produce excellent flower formation
  • An Award-winning formula
  • Certified organic and vegan 

Find out more about our Organic Bloom fertilizer here.


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