How to change soil pH

How to change soil pH? There are many reasons why you might want to know how to change your soil pH. If your soil is either too alkaline or too acidic this can cause all kinds of problems to your crops, such as loss of productivity or a lack of nutrient availability that can leave your plants more vulnerable and damaged. In this article, we will elaborate on topics that will help you better understand the importance of soil pH and explain how to change soil pH by either increasing or lowering it. We will discuss:

  • How to change soil pH: why?
  • How to change soil pH for soil that is too alkaline
  • How to change soil pH for soil that is too acidic

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How to change soil pH: why?

Soil pH is often not the first thing we think about when crops are not performing as they should, but it could be playing an important role and might be the reason why your plants are not thriving. Knowing how to change soil pH is therefore very important. Soil pH has a direct effect on nutrient availability because some nutrients do not dissolve in soil that is too acidic It can affect how much nutrients your plants can take in. So even though you are adding the right amount of fertilizer if your crops do not have access to it because of the wrong soil pH this can mean they will be deprived of necessary nutrients. 

How to change soil pH for soil that is too alkaline 

PH is measured on a scale from zero to 14. Most soils have a slightly acidic pH. When your soil is alkaline, this is also referred to as sweet soil, you might want to lower your soil pH and make it more acidic. Different crops prefer different pH values. Alkaline soil can cause several problems such as poor soil structure and having a low infiltration capacity. The first step to altering your soil’s pH is by measuring it. Always start by doing a soil pH test, you can read more about soil testing here. Once you know and have confirmed that your soil is indeed alkaline, you can do the following to lower your soil’s pH value:

  • Add organic material that will help make your soil less alkaline. This can include materials such as pine needles, coffee grounds and compost. 
  • Use an additive like BAC online’s easy to use and high-quality pH- this will help you quickly lower your alkaline soil’s pH. 

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How to change soil pH for soil that is too acidic

How to change soil pH when your soil is too acidic? Even though most crops prefer soils that are neutral or slightly acidic, when your soil is too acidic this can also cause problems. Soil that has a pH value that is too low can cause several problems such as aluminium toxicity and nutrient deficiencies. Different plants prefer different soil pH levels, make sure you research the crops you are growing and test your soil regularly. If you find out you need to increase your soil’s pH value you can do so by:

  • adding lime or chalkstone to the soil
  • using a soil additive like Bac online’s high-quality product pH+

If you have any further questions about how to change soil pH you can always get in touch for personalised advice.

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