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Alkaline soil has a pH of more than seven. We often hear about people having problems with soil that is too acidic, but soil that is too alkaline can also cause problems. This article will answer the following questions:

  • Alkaline soil: why soil pH matters
  •  Alkaline soil: how to lower soil pH for alkaline soil
  • Alkaline soil: pH- from BAC online

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Alkaline soil: why soil pH matters

Alkaline soil does not necessarily have to cause problems, some plants might even thrive in it. What is important is to make sure that your soil pH matches the type of crops you are growing. Alkaline soil is less common than neutral or acidic soils. If you live in a very dry area it is more likely that your soil is more alkaline as rain causes soil to become more acidic. Regulating and measuring soil pH can help keep your plants healthy and thriving. Having the right soil pH can make all the difference. Here are some important reasons why should care about your soil’s pH level. 

  • Soil pH affects your plants’ nutrient intake, if your soil is too acidic or too alkaline this could affect nutrient availability.
  • Different plants prefer different pH levels, maintaining the right pH level for the particular crop you are growing will make sure your plants stay healthy and productive.
  • Most plants prefer slightly acidic soil, when your soil is too alkaline or too acidic you can use additives to change the pH level of your soil. 

Alkaline soil: how to lower soil pH for alkaline soil

Alkaline soil might not always cause problems, but this all depends on what crops you are growing. If your soil is alkaline while the plants you cultivate require more acidic soil you can lower the pH level of your soil and with that make your soil less alkaline and more acidic. Before attempting to change the pH level of your soil we recommend you do a soil test so you can find out what the current pH of your soil is. You can read more about soil pH here. If you have any questions that require personalised advice you can always get in touch with our experts via our knowledge centre. There are different ways to lower your soil’s pH level. A common and effective way to do so is by adding sulfur to the soil. Make sure you always add sulfur together with compost and measure the quantities as adding too much could damage your soil. If you want to go for a more organic method of lowering alkaline soil you can also choose to add peat moss to your soil. 

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Alkaline soil: pH- from BAC online

BAC online offers some great high-quality products to help you amend the pH of your soil. If you are looking to lower your alkaline soil we recommend you use BAC’s pH-. This product is highly concentrated and contains phosphoric acid that will help you quickly lower the pH of nutrient water. The solution is highly solvable and a great choice when looking for a product to lower your soil’s pH level. 

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