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Best pH level for plants

Determining what the best pH level for plants is, will depend on a lot of factors. Soil pH is important for plant health and growth. When your soil is not at the right pH level for the plants you are growing this could cause problems such as nutrient deprivation. This article will address the following topics:

  • Best pH level for plants: in general
  • Best pH level for plants that prefer alkaline soil
  • Best pH level for plants that prefer acidic soil

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Best pH level for plants: in general

>Determining the best pH level for plants will always depend on what plants you are growing. Different plants have different preferences. It is also the case that some plants species can tolerate a wider range of soil pH levels while others are more sensitive. Still in general most plants will prefer a soil pH level which is slightly acidic. A pH level range that works for most plants is between 6.0-and 7.0 because these are the levels that most plants need to thrive. A soil pH of 7.0 is neutral, whereas below 7.0 is acidic and above it would be alkaline, also referred to as sweet soil. If you are unsure whether your soil has the right pH value for the crops you are growing we recommend you do a soil test. According to the results and the needs of the plants you are growing, you will know whether you might need to adjust your soil’s pH. You can change your soil’s pH by using soil additives such as BAC online’s pH+ or pH-.

Best pH level for plants that prefer alkaline soil

Alkaline soil also referred to as sweet soil is soil that has a pH that is higher than 7.0. Although most plants prefer a slightly acidic soil pH, some crops can still tolerate or will even thrive in alkaline soil. Alkaline soil often is rich in magnesium, calcium and sodium. The problem with alkaline soil is that it is less solvable than soil which is acidic or neutral, and this can cause nutrient deficiencies. If your soil is alkaline you can attempt to take the following steps:

  • make use of your alkaline soil and grow plants that prefer it. There are numerous trees, herbs, and vegetable plants that actually thrive in alkaline soil. Some examples are: Thyme, Parsley, cucumber, lavender and asparagus. For a more complete list click here.
  • You can always attempt to alter your alkaline soil and decrease your soil’s pH. We recommend you use BAC online’s pH-

best ph level for plants
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Best pH level for plants that prefer acidic soil

The best pH level for plants, as stated before, is often slightly acidic. However, the scales can also tip too much to this side. When your soil is too acidic this can also cause several problems. The most common problem with soil that is too acidic is aluminium toxicity. This problem can occur when soil pH is below 5.0. Aluminium toxicity can cause severe problems such as slowing down or stopping cell division and halting root growth. You, therefore, want to ensure that your soil pH does not reach below a 5.0. If this does happen you can always attempt to alter your soil pH by using additives such as BAC online’s product: pH+ or by adding limestone or chalk.

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