PK 13 14 Fertiliser

The three main nutrients found in plant fertiliser are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). The amount and concentration of each contained within a particular fertiliser is stated in the NPK ratio. Some fertilisers do not contain all three nutrients. There are fertilisers with only nitrogen and there are fertilisers with only phosphorus and potassium. In the latter case, the NPK ratio may be written as just PK 13 14, for example. 

PK 13 14 fertiliser is extremely high in potassium and phosphorus but contains less than one percent nitrogen. This kind of fertiliser has a specific purpose: giving plants a boost during the flowering period to ensure an abundant crop. 

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PK 13 14: Uses and Effects

During the blooming phase plants become less dependent on nitrogen and require greater amounts of phosphorus and potassium—this is where a PK 13 14 fertiliser is useful. 

Once a plant enters the blooming phase of the growth cycle nitrogen becomes much less important. Nitrogen’s main purpose is to stimulate the development of new shoots and leaves. This means nitrogen is most important at the start of a plant’s life when it still has a lot of growing and developing to do. Plenty of nitrogen during the first weeks and months will ensure a plant develops healthy, thick foliage capable of absorbing sunlight for photosynthesis. 

Once the growth phase is over and the plant is ready to bloom, it is better to focus its energy on creating buds, seeds, and flowers. Feeding a plant too much nitrogen at this point will divert energy away from flowers and towards the continued development of foliage. This can result in too much foliage and not enough flowers or crop production.  

Using a PK 13 14 fertiliser at the moment a plant begins to flower will encourage it to spend all its time and energy on the blooming process. This stimulates a large number of flowers and results in a high yield. The reason for this is that both potassium and phosphorus play a key role in the blooming process. Potassium helps to move energy around the plant ensuring plenty of energy reaches the newly developing buds, and phosphorus helps plants to reach maturity and start to develop buds and  form seeds.

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PK 13 14 From BAC

At BAC we have developed a highly-effective PK 13 14 fertiliser called the F1 Extreme Booster. It is a concentrated mix of phosphorus and potassium with just 0.4% nitrogen. The solution also includes a number of high-quality trace elements that are essential for healthy plant development and an abundant yield. It is the ultimate fertiliser for the blooming phase. 

Advantages of the F1 Extreme Booster:

*High in phosphorus and potassium for the blooming phase

*Contains quality trace elements (also known as micronutrients)

*Adds flavour and improves aroma

*Can be used in all growing mediums

*Contains molasses 

*Available in four sizes from one to 20 litres 

To find out when to apply the F1 Extreme Booster solution check our feeding schedule guide.


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