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Nitrogen Plant Food

Nitrogen is one of three macronutrients that all plants require to grow and thrive—the other two being phosphorous and potassium. Since nitrogen is not always available in the soil in adequate amounts, nitrogen plant food is often added to ensure plants get enough. Failure to absorb enough nitrogen will stunt a plant’s growth and undermine the quality and amount of yield it can produce. 

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The Importance of Nitrogen to Plants

Nitrogen plays a vital role in the development of a plant. In particular, nitrogen is essential for healthy leaf and shoot growth but its role is far more profound than that. 

Nitrogen is necessary for photosynthesis, the mechanism whereby plants convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into energy. Without adequate amounts of nitrogen, a plant will not be able to undertake photosynthesis effectively and will be prevented from growing at its full potential. 

Due to the importance of nitrogen in the development of plants, synthetic nitrogen plant food has been widely used in agriculture and horticulture since its invention in 1909

Nitrogen Plant Food Types

Nitrogen plant food is typically referred to as nitrogen fertiliser or nitrogen feed. It can be synthetic, like the type originally developed in 1909, or it can be organic. Organic nitrogen plant foods include solid options like animal manures, soy meal, alfalfa meal, and liquid feed solutions, such as comfrey tea. 

Other common organic fertilisers, such as compost and bone meal, are not particularly high in nitrogen and should be used in combination with high-nitrogen organic options. 

Solid sources of organic nitrogen, such as manure, tend to be slow to break down in the soil. This means they release nitrogen they contain to the plant gradually. It is best to dig slow-release organic nitrogen sources into the soil before planting, as this will provide a nitrogen-rich foundation for the plant to draw on. 

Nitrogen plant food can also come as a prepared liquid solution that is added to the soil or other growing medium in order to overcome nitrogen deficiency or give the plant a boost during a critical period. This is possible because liquid solutions provide nutrients immediately, without the need for them to break down before being absorbed. 

Fast-release nitrogen plant food is a popular choice of growers as it provides a high level of control and offers an almost immediate response option. Liquid nitrogen plant food is available as a pure solution, but it is more commonly used as part of a mix of plant nutrients that includes phosphorus, potassium and essential micronutrients. To find a high-nitrogen plant food mix, select one with an NPK ratio where the first number is higher than the rest. The first number indicates the amount of nitrogen the feed contains. 

Most plants require a high-nitrogen feed during the growth phase and should be switched to a balanced formula, or one high in potassium, during the blooming period. 

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Nitrogen Plant Food Options From BAC

Here at BAC, we have created several plant foods and soil additives that are high in nitrogen. All our products have been carefully formulated and put to the test in real growing situations.

Organic Grow is a high-nitrogen plant feed that also contains some phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients. It’s the perfect feed for getting your plants off to a good start. 

Soil Grow Nutrients are nitrogen-rich and ready to add to your soil. They are a great way to quickly add nitrogen to the soil just before or after planting.


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