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NPK 20 20 20 Fertiliser

NPK 20 20 20 is a highly concentrated, balanced plant fertiliser. It contains equal parts nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It is ideal for growing plants in poor quality soils as it provides a high amount of each of the three essential plant macronutrients

npk 20 20 20 fertilizer
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NPK 20 20 20 Fertiliser: Understanding Triple 20

NPK 20 20 20, sometimes referred to simply as Triple 20, is normally available as a liquid solution or a water-soluble powder. 

Its balanced NPK ratio means it contains all the major nutrients a plant needs in equal measure. This makes it suitable for use throughout the life cycle of a plant: in both the growth phase and the blooming period. 

When it comes to NPK ratios, the size of the numbers indicates the concentration of the solution—each number represents how much nitrogen, phosphorous, or potassium the fertiliser contains. 

NPK 20 20 20 is one of the most concentrated fertilisers commonly available. Typically, numbers in the NPK ratio won’t be much higher than 10 and often they are lower. 

NPK 20 20 20 Fertiliser: Uses and Effects

Since it is so highly concentrated, NPK 20 20 20 has specific uses and is not an everyday plant fertiliser. For example, NPK 20 20 20 is excellent for hanging baskets due to the increased nutrient leaching that occurs. 

It is also appropriate to use NPK 20 20 20 in poor-quality soil. The strong fertiliser can quickly and effectively raise the nutrient content of the soil providing a suitable foundation for plants. However, it should be used for just a short period of time and then either be diluted or substituted for another, less concentrated fertiliser. 

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Using NPK 20 20 20 for Fertiliser Spikes 

Using a strong, concentrated fertiliser such as NPK 20 20 20 at a specific time on a one-off basis can be an effective method for jumpstarting plant growth. This technique is called fertiliser spiking. 

For instance, it can useful to add NPK 20 20 20 granules to the soil when planting trees. Adding a sprinkling of the fertiliser to the hole before adding the tree will ensure the young tree has all the nutrients it requires to make a great start in life. 

Similarly, adding NPK 20 20 20 to vegetables shortly have they have been transplanted out will give them a boost and result in an abundant harvest. 

In both cases, the NPK 20 20 20 fertiliser need only be used once, after which normal feeding can resume. For more information about how and when to feed plants check our Knowledge Centre

NPK Fertilisers from BAC

While we don’t currently stock any NPK 20 20 20 fertiliser, we do offer several high-quality, effective fertilisers that have been designed to suit a plant’s needs at every stage of its development. 

Explore a selection of our NPK fertilisers:

Organic Grow - Designed specifically for the growth period, our Organic Grow fertiliser has an NPK ratio of 7-2-3, meaning it is high in nitrogen, the nutrient needed for growing shoots and leaves. 

Organic Bloom - Although much less concentrated than NPK 20 20 20, our Organic Bloom fertiliser is perfect for the blooming phases of most plants and offers a balanced NPK ratio of 6-5-6. 

F1 Extreme Booster - Finally, our F1 Extreme Booster is a concentrated fertiliser intended to provide explosive growth in the blooming period and ensure an abundant crop. It has an NPK ratio of 0-13-14.


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