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Root Booster for Plants

Using a root booster for plants will ensure your plants exhibit strong growth and produce an impressive bloom and/or crop. Root boosters can be used to promote the root development of cuttings and to improve growth in established plants. 

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Plant Root Systems and their Function

A vibrant root system is the foundation of a plant. Along with fixing the plant in place, roots are necessary to absorb nutrients and water that will be processed by the plant for growth, flowering, and crop production. 

There are two main types of plant root systems. There is the taproot system and the fibrous root system. The taproot system involves one large root with smaller, secondary roots extending from it. Root vegetables, such as the carrot, are themselves the taproot of a plant. 

A fibrous root system involves many small, equally-sized roots that spread out in a tangled mass. Grass, wheat, rice, and corn all have a fibrous root system. 

Regardless of the system employed, the roots of a plant serve the same functions: fixing the plant in place, absorbing water, and absorbing nutrients. A decent root booster for plants will provide the resources or improve the growing medium in such as way as to facilitate these functions. 

Root Booster for Plants Grown from Cuttings

A common use of root boosters is to encourage root growth from cuttings. A cutting is a part taken from a plant with the intention of growing a new plant. Some cuttings easily sprout roots and begin to grow, while others require some encouragement. In such cases, a hormone root booster is often used. Plant hormones associated with root growth are called auxins. 

Hormone-based root boosters stimulate the development of roots in a cutting. Root boosters that use hormones should be used with care as applying too much can damage the plant. Additionally, while rooting hormones—auxins—do occur naturally, most of the hormones used on cuttings are produced in the laboratory and do not comply with organic gardening principles. 

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Root Booster for Developed Plants

Root boosters can also be used to increase root development and functioning in established plants, as well as cuttings. 

A quality root booster for plants heightens root functioning without sacrificing the long-term health of the plant or the vitality of the growing medium. What’s more, a decent root booster can achieve these ends using natural, organic methods. 

BAC’s Root Stimulator does just that. By encouraging the multiplication of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms in the soil, our Root Stimulator creates the perfect environment for plant roots to spread, develop, and function. 

By promoting a symbiotic relationship between the microorganisms in the growing medium and your plant’s roots, our Root Stimulator formula boosts plant growth by cooperating with nature. Find out more about how various microorganisms work together with plants here

Root Booster for Plants from BAC

Whether you are growing plants in soil or water (hydroponics) BAC’s organic root booster for plants can improve the functioning of the plant’s root system. By opening the capillaries more water and nutrients can be absorbed, and, in addition, the Root Stimulator will clean and unblock the drippers used to water plants.

Explore our Root Stimulator further.

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