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What is mineral fertilizer?

What is mineral fertilizer? This question has confused many. As many myths have grown around the topic, it might be helpful to discuss some facts. Bear with us to learn more about mineral fertilizer production and its application. Today, we will cover the following issues:

  • What is mineral fertilizer – and the secrets of its production?
  • What is mineral fertilizer – and why do we need it?
  • What is mineral fertilizer – and where to find it?

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What is mineral fertilizer – and the secrets of its production?

When you think about what is mineral fertilizer, it comes down to the process of its production. This is because the elements that they contain can be found naturally, in fact, they are the same elements that you find in organic fertilizers. The difference is that while in organic fertilizer, its elements are sourced directly from animal or plant matter, mineral fertilizers are produced by chemical processes. If you are a grower, you might know that the three main macroelements that all plants need in fairly large amounts are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). As we said, all of those can be found in the environment. Annually, fertilizer industries transform millions of tons of air, natural gas, and mined ores into NPK plant fertilizers. Almost 99% of the total nitrogen fertilizer supply comes from ammonia obtained from nitrogen present in the air, and then combined with hydrogen at high temperatures. Potassium and phosphorus fertilizers are produced in chemical processes of purification of mined minerals. Well, what are mineral fertilizers then? Mineral fertilizers are manufactured materials containing nutrients essential for the normal growth and development of plants.

What is mineral fertilizer – and why do we need it?

We might have covered what is mineral fertilizer, but now, why do we actually need it? While there naturally fertile soils, annual growing depletes the nutrients available, and soil fertility is declining worldwide. This can be contributed to intensive cultivation, inadequate application of replacement nutrients, as well as deforestation, and wind and water erosion. Over time, if the nutrient depletion is not counter-acted, the plants get less and less of the elements they need to grow and develop healthily. Fertilizers can be used to supplement the natural soil nutrient supply. If you think about what are mineral fertilizers in this way, they are often soil life sustainers. As this document created by the United Nations Environment Programme states, fertilizers, only next to water supplies, contribute the most to increasing agricultural production. Also, as mineral fertilizer provides elements in their pure, easily ingestible form, it can be used as instant aid in plants´ development. This means that mineral fertilizer can be used to fight against any deficiencies, fulfilling the plants´ needs as they come.

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What is mineral fertilizer – and where to find it?

You now know what is mineral fertilizer and why it is so important to growers worldwide. Choosing high-quality, well-balanced mineral fertilizers is vital to the health of your plants as well as the wellbeing of our planet. Only go for well-researched products of companies that do care about their environmental impact. Consider checking BAC´s products here. They offer carefully researched, well-balanced mineral fertilizers that contain all of the nutrients your plants might need. If you have any questions about their products or how to use them, please contact BAC experts here.

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