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Soil vs Coco: Growing Mediums Compared

The material plants grow in is referred to as the growing medium. There are several growing mediums to choose from, including soil, clay, pebbles, coco coir, coco soil, and water (hydroponics). A common concern among growers is the question of what works best: ordinary garden soil vs coco soil. 

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Soil vs Coco: How to Choose

When considering garden soil vs coco soil, there are many aspects to consider. In particular, it is important to think about the needs of the plants you want to grow. Do they prefer a specific type of soil? Do they prefer a dry or moist growing medium? How easily will their roots grow and become established? The answers to these questions will determine the growing medium you should use. 

Soil vs Coco: The Key Differences

Since deciding between garden soil vs coco soil depends on the needs of the plants you want to grow, it is necessary to understand the properties of the two growing mediums. 

Coco soil tends to be lighter than garden soil. This means there is more air between the particles. This is particularly good for plants that struggle to establish themselves because more air and space in the soil makes it easier for roots to grow and spread. 

Although drainage varies between soil types—clay soil drains poorly, while sandy soil drains well—generally speaking, coco soil holds water better than garden soil. Therefore, using coco soil means you need to water less and less often. On the other hand, plants that prefer soil that drains quickly will not fair well in coco soil. 

Unlike most ordinary soils, coco soil is naturally anti-fungal. This makes it good starter soil for seedlings. Some growers start plants off in coco soil before transferring them to soil more suited to their mature development. 

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Coco Coir and Coco Soil

When comparing soil vs coco, it is possible to get confused between coco soil and coco coir. Coco soil is made from the pith of the coconut husk. Coco coir is the wiry material derived from the coconut shell. Coir makes a coarse growing medium that, unlike coco soil, does not retain water well. For plants that prefer a dry environment, coco coir can be a good choice for this reason. 

The properties of coco coir differ greatly from those of coco soil and the two should not be confused. For example, coco coir contains few nutrients and most plants grown exclusively in coco coir require additional nutrients to be added regularly. 

Soil and Coco Potting Mixes from BAC

If coco soil sounds like the right growing medium for your plants, then we recommend trying our coco soil mix. 

Unlike other coco soils, ours comes pretreated with an organic soil conditioner to ensure maximum results. The solution we use stimulates the growth of specific microorganisms that create enzymes. 

These enzymes ensure waste such as chlorine and natrium, which find their way into the soil via tap water, are immobilised and cannot cause harm to the plant’s roots. 

Coco Soil - Available in 40kg bags.

Final Solution - Waste treatments solution (already included in our coco soil mix).


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