What are the best soil nutrients?

In this article we will answer the following questions:

  • What are the best soil nutrients and what are soil nutrients?
  • What are the best soil nutrients?: organic vs synthetic
  • What are the best soil nutrients that BAC offers?

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What are the best soil nutrients and what are soil nutrients?

What is soil nutrients? Soil nutrients are chemical elements found in soil that are beneficial to plants. Some of the nutrients that plants need are naturally present in the soil, but often we need to supplement the soil because it does not naturally contain everything required for healthy plant growth. When plants do not have access to sufficient nutrients this will show, it will impair growth, leave plants more vulnerable to pests and diseases, and can cause all other kinds of problems. We can distinguish between macro (also referred to as major) and micro (also referred to as trace elements) elements. Both are necessary for healthy plant growth. The difference is that macro elements, these include NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) are needed in larger quantities by plants, where as plants only require traces of the micro elements. Read more about plant nutrients in soil here.

What are the best soil nutrients?: organic vs synthetic

There are various ways of adding nutrients to the soil. We can roughly divided them between organic and inorganic. Organic fertilizers are made up out of organic matter, they contain only material derived from plants-and animals, an example would be compost. Inorganic or synthetic fertilizers are manufactured artificially. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and one is not necessarily better than the other. Organic fertilizers release nutrients more slowly and require certain conditions to be in place in order for the organic matter to be broken down and the nutrients to become available tot the plant. Whereas with synthetic fertilizer the nutrients can directly be absorbed by the plants. The advantage of organic fertilizer is that is a more sustainable option, as it will help improve your soil quality over de long term.

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What are the best soil nutrients?

so: “what are the best soil nutrients?” you might ask. As stated before both organic and synthetic fertilizers have their advantages and disadvantages. Synthetic fertilizers are easier to dose as you know exactly what the ratio is and what nutrients it contains, making it easier to give your plants exactly what they need at a certain stage. The most important thing when answering “what are the best soil nutrients?” is that you make sure the fertilizer you choose contains all the nutrients your plants need at the right ratio, including trace elements. Knowing what your soil needs is complicated and tedious business, when to add what and how much to add is incredibly important. When you overfeed it can lead to soil depletion and environmental damage, if you add too much of one particular element this might hinder plants from having access to other nutrients. Read more about how to add nutrients to soil.

What are the best soil nutrients that BAC offers?

What are the best soil nutrients? BAC offers a range of quality products, both organic and non-organic that will help your plants get all the nutrients they need at the right time. Because our products are highly concentrated and contain all the nutrients your plants need they are easy to dose and use. We have two highly complete component soil nutrients, one for the blooming stage and one for the growing stage. Both contain high quality trace elements and all the nutrients your plants will need at a particular stage:

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