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Soil Additives For Water Retention

Water retention can be a problem in some soil types, requiring the addition of specific soil additives for water retention. In order to improve water retention in your soil you must first understand soil composition. Soil is generally comprised of a mix of three main particle types: sand, clay, and silt. The combination of these three components is referred to as the soil texture. Depending on its unique soil texture - its combination of sand, clay, and silt - the soil you are using will have a level of permeability that affects how well it retains water. Of the three main soil types, sand has the highest rate of permeability, which means water passes through sand very quickly, while clay is the most effective of the three at retaining water. Growers faced with water retention problems as a result of poor soil texture use a variety of soil additives for water retention. These additives include sphagnum peat moss, ordinary compost, manure, grass clippings, wood chips, coconut coir, and straw. Each additive has its own special properties and provides the soil with differing levels of water retention.

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Soil Additives For Water Retention Application

When adding soil additives for water retention improvement directly to your soil itis important to be aware of when and how to apply them. Some soil additives forwater retention should be applied directly to your soil before planting while otherscan be added during the growth cycle. Peat moss, compost, and manure can all be dug into the soil before seeds or seedlings have been planted. Grass clippings,wood chips, and straw can be placed around growing plants - providing the addedbenefit of protecting the soil from the sun and thus further preventing the soil frombecoming dry.

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Soil Additives For Water Retention & Plant Nutrition

When using water soluble plant growth stimulants and feed products, such as thoseprovided by BAC, it is beneficial to ensure your soil is retaining water effectively. High levels of soil permeability can result in significant nutrient leaching - theprocess by which water passing through the soil carries away beneficial nutrientsbefore a plant has time to absorb them. Liquid soil additives can help to adjust the pH value of your soil and provide the essential macro and micro nutrients plantsneed to thrive and produce a yield. However, if water is not being retained, thenutrients present in the water will be wasted when they are washed away. Using soiladditives to improve water retention will ensure you are making the most of yourplant feed products and providing your plants with an environment in which they canflourish. What's more, soil additives for water retention often also have the double benefit of providing nutrients to the soil as well. This is particularly true of compost,manure, and peat moss, which are all nutrient rich materials that can give your plants an extra nutrient boost.

If you are still unsure about using soil additives for water retention then visit our Knowledge Center to get personal advice. We are happy to help.

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