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Soil additives for tomatoes

Soil additives for tomatoes are vital in providing all the nutrients your plants and their fruits will need to grow healthily. This article will cover the following basics of applying soil additives for tomato plants:

  • Soil additives for tomatoes – why use them?
  • Soil additives for tomatoes – what do tomatoes need and where to get it?
  • Soil additives for tomato plants – professional organic products

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Soil additives for tomatoes – why use them?

Soil additives for tomatoes are essential in growing healthy tomatoes as they are fairly nutrient-demanding plants. Even if you are planting in naturally fertile and balanced soil, tomatoes consume a lot of nutrients, and over time, they will finish off what is available and might develop deficiency issues. Creating a healthy, strong, balanced growing medium with soil additives for tomatoes might save you a lot of trouble later on in the growing process. See this article of the University of New Hampshire to learn more about common issues in tomato farming.

Soil additives for tomatoes – what do tomatoes need and where to get it?

Soil additives for tomatoes can address many of the deficiencies of your soil before they influence the development of your tomato plants. Tomatoes, like any other plant, need a mixture of three macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), as well as trace quantities of micronutrients. One especially important one in soil additives for tomato plants should be calcium, as it prevents end blossom rot. One of the most common and effective soil additives for tomatoes you can start preparing your beds with is high-quality homemade compost based on garden and kitchen scraps, with some decomposed horse or chicken manure. You might want to place about a gallon of the mixture in a large mixing bucket, making sure there are no large lumps and that t is all well-combined. Adding a couple of cups of vermicompost will introduce not only excellent nutrients but also microorganisms that will help your plants absorb the nutrients better and deter pests. If you do not have your own compost, you can mix the manure with peat moss or coconut coir. Add a cup of dried and powdered egg shells for extra calcium, too. A cup of wood ashes will provide extra phosphorus and potassium. Bone meal is high in phosphorus, too. Tea leaves, coffee grounds, or alfalfa leaves provide a low nitrogen boost. Pet or human hair, cut up finely, can be a source of slow-release nitrogen, as well as keratin. Those are some possible ways of sourcing soil additives for tomatoes.

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Soil additives for tomato plants – professional organic products

Well-balanced soil additives for tomato plants can be more easily purchased in professional-made products. Click here to see BAC products that come in the form of ready-made well-researched mixes that will provide your plants with all they need throughout their growth. Click here to contact BAC professional in case you need some personal advice on your soil additives for tomato plants. Our professional and experienced staff is ready to give you personalised advice, so do not be afraid to ask.

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