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Soil additives for grass

Soil additives for grass will help you grow a rich, beautiful lawn by creating a strong, balanced base of healthy soil. This article will cover the basics of the topic in the following aspects:

  • Soil additives for grass – why use them?
  • Soil additives for grass – how to make your mix?
  • Soil additives for grass – professional BAC products

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Soil additives for grass – why use them?

Soil additives for grass aim to enrich the soil for it to be the best possible growing base for your lawn. Like any other plant, the grass will need a variety of macronutrients and micronutrients to thrive. Furthermore, your soil needs to have an optimal pH value as well as a decent water-holding capacity, as those factors influence the availability of nutrients in the soil. Even if you happen to be growing on naturally fertile soil, over time, nutrients get consumed and need replacing. A soil test might help you to determine what elements exactly your soil lacks. If your soil marks less than 4% of organic matter, you will need to boost the numbers before intending to plant grass. See this article by the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the University of Nebraska to learn more about the importance of the organic matter in soil purposed for grass. Many problems such as nutrient deficiency, water deficiency, or water excess, can be addressed with well-balanced soil additives for grass. While many can be obtained in the form of professional-made products, you can also mix in some home-made additives to give your soil more life.

Soil additives for grass – how to make your mix?

Some sol additives for grass can be successfully made from your garden and kitchen scraps. One of the most common and efficient ways of enriching your soil and preparing it for planting grass is mixing in some fully-decomposed compost. Although it does take a couple of months to prepare, it is a great way to repurpose waste. Good compost contains high humus content, which is vital to your soil´s long-term health and fertility. It will also regulate water-holding capacity in both clay and sandy grounds. To start with, try mixing 1 part compost for 3 parts soil. You can also add some vermicompost, a great way to invigourate soil life. Aged manure, peat moss, ground bark, and sawdust are some other soil additives for grass that will increase the amount of organic matter in your soil. A rich, healthy soil is the very base of long-lasting, eye-pleasing lawn.

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Soil additives for grass – professional BAC products

Professional-made soil additives for grass are a great option if you need an exact, well-balanced mix. For example, BAC Silica Powder is a perfect choice to boost and activate the soil before planting your grass. See a full BAC offer here to choose from their excellent organic products. If you are not sure which products would serve you best, or how to use them, you can contact BAC professionals here and ask for personal advice.

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