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Soil additives for drainage

Soil additives to improve drainage are one of the best methods to ensure optimal moisture of the soil. The right amount of air and water in the soil is one of the very essential measures of a healthy growing base for plants. With this delicate balance out of its optimal ratio, you might be exposing your plants to rotting and diseases, as well as postponing your planting season. This article will discuss the following aspects of the topic:

  • Soil additives for drainage – when to use them?
  • Soil additives for drainage – how to use them?
  • Professional advice on soil additives to improve drainage

soil additives for drainage row of plants
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Soil additives for drainage: when use them?

Soil additives for drainage come in handy when you notice that your soil remains too wet for too long. According to Alabama State University Extension, ideal soil is about one-half airspace and one-half solid soil mineral, and 2-4% organic matter. Perfect growing conditions occur when about half of the airspace is filled with air, while the other half is filled with water. If the soil is too wet, neither the plants’ roots nor beneficial soil bacteria will be able to absorb the oxygen they need to survive. This leads to root rotting and rapid soil deterioration. Wet soil also means cold soil in early spring. Well-drained soil will warm up easily in early spring, permitting early planting, longer growing season, and fewer diseases of early plant development. Soil additives for drainage can help you avoid those problems.

Soil additives for drainage: how to use them?

Soil additives for drainage are one of the ways to ensure your soil drains well. You could also consider mechanically moving and aerating your soil, preparing raised beds, building-up extra soil if you are dealing with clay soil, or looking into creating pipe drainage. If you go for soil additives to improve drainage, there are various ones you might want to know about. Organic material is one of the most common soil additives to improve drainage. Soil that contains more organic material (compost, manure, mulch) drains better. Preparing your compost can take a couple of months but it is a great way of recycling your kitchen and garden scraps. Other soil additives for drainage that you can use are sand, gypsum, and limestone. Those will help if you are dealing with clay soil. Take into consideration that while gypsum does not change the pH value of your soil, lime does, and you might need extra soil additives to compensate. After adding new elements to your soil, observe it for a while and consider running a soil test to see what the responses of the soil are.

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Professional advice on soil additives to improve drainage

Choosing soil additives for drainage might seem a bit daunting to start with. There are professional-made products you can use, too. Click here to see the BAC offer of soil additives for drainage. If you need professional advice, please contact BAC online to ask questions and find a match for your soil’s needs.

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