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Organic hydroponic fertilizer

Organic hydroponic fertilizer is a great choice for anyone who cares about cultivating sustainably and with great results in a hydroponic system. When using a growing medium other than soil, making sure you provide crops with the right amount of nutrients becomes extra important. After all, soil especially when maintained well will naturally contain (some) nutrients. Whereas if you grow in water alone the only nutrients your plants will have access to are the ones you give to them. Growing hydroponically and growing organically go hand in hand. All you have to do to grow organically in a hydroponic system is to make sure the nutrients and pesticides you are using are of organic origin. In this article we will discuss the following topics:

  • Organic hydroponic fertilizer: how it works
  • Organic hydroponic fertilizer: benefits
  • Organic hydroponic fertilizer by BAC online

organic hydroponic fertilizer
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Organic hydroponic fertilizer: how it works

Organic hydroponic fertilizer is a great way to make sure your plants get all the nutrients they need when growing hydroponically. Hydroponic fertilizeris different from fertilizers meant to be used with soil as they will always also contain micro nutrients or trace elements. Hydroponic growing essentially means that plants are cultivated in nutrient-enriched water, instead of using soil or another growing medium. There are many different techniques for growing hydroponically. You can read more about them here

Organic hydroponic fertilizer: benefits 

There are many benefits to growing hydroponically, here are some of them:

  • Growing hydroponically will give you exact and full control over your plants' nutrient intake. After all, plants only have access to nutrients directly added to the water. This makes it easier to calculate adjustments and makes it possible to replicate the controlled conditions that gave high yields in the past.
  • Growing hydroponically is space-efficient. One of the reasons why home growers especially in urban environments choose to grow hydroponically is because it takes up a lot less space than when growing in soil.
  • It is easy to grow healthy, luscious and organic crops when growing hydroponically even when you live in an overly polluted area or a city. All you have to do to grow organically in a hydroponic system is make sure your seeds, and the hydroponic fertilizer and other additives that are used are of organic origin 
  • Hydroponic growing uses less water than cultivating crops in soil.

organic hydroponic fertilizer plants
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Organic hydroponic fertilizer: BAC online

BAC online always uses the best ingredients of the highest quality, this way we ensure our customers get the best results. Especially when growing hydroponically using a quality hydroponic fertilizer is incredibly important. BAC online offers both mineral and organic hydroponic fertilizer. Whichever you choose you can be sure that you get the best quality. When combining the hydroponic fertilizer for growth with the hydroponic fertilizers for the blooming period your plants will have all the nutrients they need. If you have any questions about hydroponic fertilizer or if you require personalised advice, you can always reach out to our knowledge centre for personalised advice. Our specialist will be happy to help you on your hydroponics journey. 

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