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Mineral fertilizer for plants

Mineral fertilizer for plants, as opposed to an organic fertilizer made from plant or animal products, is created through chemical processes. As it is industrially produced, many growers feel it is less intuitive than using homemade and organic fertilizers. This article will cover some of the following basics:

  • Mineral fertilizer for plants – what is it?
  • Mineral fertilizer for plants – why use it?
  • Mineral fertilizer for plants – how to choose your mix?

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Mineral fertilizer for plants – what is it?

Mineral fertilizer for plants is a chemically produced fertilizer that contains nutrients essential for plant growth. Most of the fertilizers are composed of the three main macronutrients that all plants need: nitrogen (N), phosphate (P), and potassium (K). Some fertilizers will also contain micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, or iron. The difference between organic and mineral fertilizers is that mineral fertilizer for plants delivers nutrients in their pure form so that they are immediately available for the plants to feed on. In the case of organic fertilizers, firstly they need to be digested by the soil living microorganisms for the nutrients to become available to the plants. This makes the plants more resistant to plagues, viruses, and diseases, as it provides well-fed soil, which means a long-term strong and healthy growing base. Nevertheless, many appreciate that mineral fertilizer for plants is a fast-acting solution as it does not need further decomposition. It also allows making more exact nutrition choices, independent of soil life available. Learn more about mineral fertilizers here.

Mineral fertilizer for plants – why use it?

Mineral fertilizer for plants is a way to ensure your plants are not lacking anything that they need for healthy growth. Even if you are lucky to be growing in naturally fertile soil, plants consume large quantities of nutrients in every growth cycle, and if you do not feed it, over years, your soil will be left depleted. This is why adding fertilizers is essential to your plant´s health. Mineral fertilizer for plants is quite easy to apply. It is usually soluble and can be added to plants while watering. As the nutrients in mineral fertilizers are made available to plants immediately, this form of fertilizing can be used to aid a plant´s development at specific moments. Mineral fertilizer for plants mightalso help you address nutrient deficiencies as they occur. If you are not sure what is it exactly that your plants are lacking, consider running a soil test that will reveal your soil´s nutrient composition as well as its´ pH levels.

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Mineral fertilizer for plants – how to choose your mix?

Mineral fertilizer for plants should be a well-balanced and high-quality mixture. Mineral fertilizers offered by BAC are based on profound research of plant nutritional needs in various stages of development to offer the exact balance of nutrients a plant needs to flourish. You can also find fertilizers for various growing mediums, including hydroponic systems. See the full offer of BAC mineral fertilizer for plants here. If you have any questions or need personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact BAC professionals here.

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