Growing in coco coir

Coco coir is a growing medium that is produced as a coconut by-product. It is a sustainable alternative to peat moss that is relatively easy to use. If you are considering moving from soil to a hydroponic system, growing in coco coir can be a great transitional step between moving towards a fully hydroponic system. This article will address the following points:

  • Growing in coco coir: advantages
  • Growing in coco coir: peat, chips and fibre
  • Growing in coco coir: fertilisers

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Growing in coco coir: advantages

Growing in coco has many advantages. Click here to learn more about coco coir as a growing medium. Here are some of the benefits of growing in coco:

  • Growing in coco coir will make harvesting easy and will result in higher yields. Plants will spend more energy on growth as less energy is needed to reach nutrients.
  • Greater control over nutrient intake. You will know exactly how much and what nutrients your plant will have access to as you directly control this. This means you can cultivate your crops with more precision. Minimising the risks of over- and underfeeding and nutrient deficiencies when measured correctly. 
  • Growing in coco can actually help repel insects and pests that can be harmful to your plants. Coco coir also has anti-fungal properties, minimising the risk of fungal infections and generally creating a great base that will encourage healthy plant growth. 
  • Growing in coco is also a sustainable choice. Coco is a coconut by-product that would otherwise go to waste and coco can be reused after harvest when prepared correctly. 

Growing in coco coir: peat, chips and fibre

Coco coir comes in different forms and different plants will prefer a different type of coco. If you have any questions that require personal advice or if you want to no more about what crops will do well in coco coir you can always reach out to our knowledge centre, our experts will be happy to provide you with advice. The 3 most common forms of coco coir are:

  • Peat - coco peat is fine, airy and has a very high capacity to retain water. Its structure looks and feels very similar to that of soil. You might want to combine your coco peat with another type of coco coir in order to avoid root rot and other problems that may come with such high water retention. 
  • Chips - coco chips look similar to wood chips and are great for both keeping your crops hydrated and they help create air pockets. 
  • Fibre – coco coir fibres are stringy bundles and are great for creating air pockets ensuring your plant’s roots get plenty of oxygen. Commonly coco coir fibre is mixed with soil or another growing medium for optimum results. 

growing in coco coir soil
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Growing in coco coir: fertilisers

When growing in coco it is essential to ensure that your crops have access to the nutrients they require, even more so than in soil because nutrients are not naturally present in coco. Using a quality fertiliser that contains all the nutrients your crops require will ensure great results. BAC has two high-quality concentrated fertilisers specifically developed for growing in coco that we recommend. Click here to learn more. 

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