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BAC is a company that truly brings expertise in crop cultivation to the table. Since the beginning of the millennium, our founders have cooperated and built up their knowledge of soil life and micro-organisms, including coco coir ph, as well as growth and bloom stimulants. Thanks to the development of an extensive range of plant feed, stimulants, invigorators and fertilizers for organic and other forms of crop cultivation, BAC’s products have enabled farmers all over the world, from India to South America, to grow healthy plants and an extensive crop for nearly two decades. 

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The importance of a good coco coir ph

If you wish to grow plants in a medium that is not soil, coco coir is a good alternative. The coco coir ph value is very close to neutral. Coco coir is a fibrous material that is yielded by the outer husk of coconuts, and makes for a more environmentally friendly choice than some other growing mediums. For example, it does not impact peatlands in the way that the production of peat moss does. Although it was once considered a waste product, coco coir is now a popular growing medium. One of its benefits is that it is useful to deter snails from delicate plantings, and it is also effective as a growing medium in intensive greenhouse horticulture. There are different types of coco coir on the market that are already processed. These are coco pith, coco fibres and coco chips. Coco pith has a moss-like consistency and can hold water extremely well. When using coco pith, you should be extra careful not to overwater and drown your plants. Coco fibre cannot hold a lot of water but is great for allowing oxygen to pass through to the roots because it naturally has a lot of air pockets. Coco chips combine the strengths of both coco pith and coco fibres. Coco chips are chunks of coir that both retain water well and allow for plenty of oxygen to pass to the roots. 

Coco coir ph: what BAC can do for you

Coco nutrients should be added to the coco coir to make sure your plants get all the nutrients they need. The advantage of using coco coir is that you are in complete control of what nutrients you want your plants to have access to. On the other hand, this also means you have to be extra careful and diligent to make sure that your plants get everything they need to grow, stay healthy, and flourish. Although the coco coir ph value is very close to neutral, it is still necessary to stabilize it over time. This can be done by using additives and coco nutrients. With BAC’s coco nutrients this process is made easy, and you can be sure that your plants get all the nutrients they need. Our nutrients for maintaining your coco coir ph have various perks:

  • They are made from the highest quality ingredients
  • They contain beneficial trace elements, such as red iron chelate
  • BAC’s nutrient mixes are easily absorbed by plants
  • They produces healthy, fast-growing, high-yielding plants

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Coco coir ph: we are happy to answer any further questions 

We will gladly further inform you about how BAC can help you maintaining your coco coir ph, so please feel welcome to get in touch with us. In the Netherlands, you can reach us via telephone at +31 (0)182 - 687 530, or you can write an e-mail to: You can also get in touch with Sam in the United Kingdom. You can do so via the telephone by calling +44 7487 713 344, or you can send an e-mail to Alternatively, you can tell us what you would like to know about coco coir ph by filling out our contact form, after which we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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