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Why do plants need potassium, a question barely asked

Farmers are frequently told that they should supply their plants with enough potassium. If you want to avoid stunted growth and wilted leaves, experts say, it is wise to provide a supplement of this element. Yet very few stop to ask the essential question: why do plants need potassium? The answer is far from obvious and is tangled up with all kinds of chemical knowledge. But it is important to deepen this knowledge, because the consequences of neglect are evident: scorched potato leaves or dead tissues on the corn, every plant goes bad without potassium. Fortunately, the solutions are not difficult and relatively cheap. 

Why do plants need potassium sunflowers
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Why do plants need potassium?

Potassium fulfills many different functions in the growth of a plant. Its element, signified by the letter K, allows for water, carbohydrates, and nutrients to circulate in the plant tissue. In addition, K activates enzymes that on their turn are very important. They allow for the production of starch, protein and adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This last element plays an important role in the regulation of photosynthesis. This alone would suffice to prove the importance of potassium. But there is even more that this super-element helps plants with – many more answers to the question: why do plants need potassium?

Why do plants need potassium – many more reasons

A selection of all the uses of potassium is presented in this list:

  • It helps perennial plants, such as Alfalfa, persist through winter
  • It helps the roots develop and the drought resistance of roots
  • It aids resistance to wilting and water loss because it keeps up Turgot levels
  • It forms an obstacle for diseases
  • It saves energy by regulating the plant’s respiration
  • It diminishes lodging and constructs cellulose

For a more extensive explanation why do plants need potassium, the University of Michigan has built an informative page.

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Potassium to feed your plants

By now, it will be clear why potassium is such a crucial element in the growth of plants. Unfortunately, nature does not always supply enough potassium on her own:  it often needs a helping hand for crops to flourish. BAC provides potassium in multiple forms, to be able to supply every sort of crop in the appropriate way. For example, our F1 extreme booster contains two of the most vital elements to a plant: Phosphorus and potassium. Together, they ensure that crops grow to be more vital, richer and to yield more.

BAC knows its way around

And at BAC, our extensive history makes that we know what we are talking about. Originally a Dutch company, our history starts with roses – and what better roses than those of the Dutch masters? Proof of our expertise are the numerous awards that we have earned of the years: for example, that of the German FIBL group, or the British Soil Association. If you would like to know more about the question of why do plants need potassium, or the ways in which we can help, do not hesitate and contact us. Before you know it, your plants will be richer than ever before!

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